What Stage are you Performing on NOW

We all love being entertained by live professional actors or watching the latest movie in a cinema with friends and family. The expectations of human chameleon being a convincing actor takes our imagination to a fantasy world being serenaded by our human emotions. Recently I went to the cinema to watch a film which was loaded with music from my teenage years with scenes appropriate to the time period. It evoked memories just by the sound of certain songs transporting me to that time. The film was packed with laughter and many human values which touched my soul. 

Did you know that every day we are performing our lead roles in our own lives. Often we are unconscious of what our scripts are , there is no need to memorise our lines because it flows from within of many performances we have done before. This article is to explain in very basic terms how our mind communicates with the outside world. There is amazing scientific process which profounds me and is so complicated to explain in great detail. I am a visual thinker , which helps me to assimilate new information and to explain things more comfortably for me. 

Let me explain how I see our mind in visual terms. Imagine your mind is a multi flex cinema or a Grand theatre with at least 3 different auditoriums with 3 different stages. Every stage or cinema screen has a different performance on. Your life has been on different stages at different times. 

Screen one is the performance of your childhood experiences which continues to be replayed from the start to the end. In screen two the film showing is of your past adult life which again continues to repeat itself. 

Finally in screen three is your life right now as you perform or live in this world. Many Phycologist and scientist debate there are more performances of us in our subconscious mind but for simplistic perspective we use just 3 stages now.

In screen one from our first appearance into this world as a newborn infant the mind has to learn every single line in life to survive. The brain rapidly stores millions pieces of information as it copies or learns it new lines from its environment. To be a convincing actor it’s not just the words we need to learn but much more. The body language, the movement of limbs, interpreted signals to reply to convince its mother to nourish it. The care giver of the child and it’s environment often determines how successful the young actor final cut could be a terrible movie or film that inspires its audience. Regardless of that start the young child can relearn it’s lines and become an outstanding performer by dedication, assistance and awareness.

On screen two the actor has a very convincing performance as he roll off his scripts from many years of rehearsals. You probably heard of the expression one trick pony which indicates that some people are amazing in action pack performances but when acting in a love story they use the same scripts or lines. The princess will need a lot more convincing that he loves than just being a strong valiant warrior who will slay her dragons. He will need emotional intelligence and awareness of his sweetheart desires to fullfill her needs by changing his scripts. 

Screen three is a live performance of you , yes the whole world is watching and what kind of acting are you going to perform. The big problem with our mind is that the right side of the brain where the amygdala controls the emotional scripts works twice as fast as the left side of the brain via the prefrontal cortex which controls the logic problem solving area. Imagine your act consist of new lines to learn or a challenge. The mind try’s to solve the situation often by going into autopilot mode with out us thinking. It travels back to stage one and remembers that act and copies that child actor. This is going often turn out that our audience reacting by booing or even walking out of our performance. Sometimes you may of heard of the expression being stuck. We forget our lines then like a child panic and then the amygdala controls the performance. 

Here are few ideas how to leave a legacy of an outstanding achievement of inspiration performance.

1 Never pretend to be someone else, act to be yourself.

2 When challenges arise , think of what best actor you can be to succeed.

3 Always use both side of your brain in performances , emotional and logical together.

4 Sometimes we will perform badly but act better next time.

5 when we Struggle with acting in any roles see a professional to help you.


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