One of the biggest impact on your life you will feel straight away, is time. Your sense of time can either be, you dont know what to do or how to get things done.. Generally the biggest problem being a single parent is how much you have to do now. Usually in the past you shared half the family responsibilities. In the beginning you will probably have lots of support to do the day to day activities of family life.

In the months and years to come friends and family will forget your on own carrying. on your family responsibilities. Also as the months begin to set back into a routine, you will notice things that your partner use to organise. These times may be painful and emotional,I was very lucky because my late wife was excellent mother and homemaker.

A few funny stories as we can reflect now in hindsight. My wife died on August 6th, she always purchased the school uniforms etc for kids of new term ready for September. I arranged all the various duties relating to school new term. We arrived at school , kids looking smart and ready to go. I even posted a photo Instagram because I felt so proud of them. When we arrived it seemed unusually quiet, I thought maybe we were too early. I spoke with one teacher in reception and she said we were a day early.

For some excellent suggestions for time management read the book Atomic habits by James clear.


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