The amazing brain

The brain is the CEO of the human body it’s in control not you. The brain needs input to keep the body functioning at its optimum. The brain uses 20% of the body energy but only 2% of body mass.
The brain has a network of high speed connections located to specific areas designated to specific tasks. The network works together gathering related information needed to perform a task.

The brain is built on Neurones that have connections-called synapse which is an electrical chemical connection. Between the Neuron junction chemical transmitters like dopamine. When the Neuron connect or fire a pathway is formed and more the pathway is used this becomes in essence a behaviour.

The first 5 years of your life is the most important learning stage for your brain. For example if you learned the sky colour was red you would automatically associate the sky as red. All of our senses inputs in the early years train the brain perception. Our experiences shape us by the brain storing the information and associating to previous knowledge.

The brain network can be modified or reprogrammed with new ideas and new behaviour called neuroplasticity. Like a muscle you can optimise the body potential by new learning. Often our habits and behaviours become life patterns if we are not aware.

The brain can be negatively impacted by our food and drink choices.
The blood flows through the brain 750 millilitres per minute or 15% of the heart pumps out. What we put into our bodies will effect the function of the brain. Related to that blood flow if we don’t maintain the body systems tragic consequences will effect the brain.

Here are some suggestions from Harvard medical school keep your brain optimised.
1 mental stimulation
2 exercise
3 improve diet
4 improve blood pressure
5 improve blood sugar
6 improve cholesterol
7 avoid negative substances
8 care for your emotions
9 protect your head
10 build social connections


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