Short trip to the two cities

1:The history of these two cities excites the imagination of the curious traveler from the savage brutal deaths to the romantic architecture.

2: Cuisine from Hungary common staple goulash to the langos and chimney cake. 

3: People are the icing on the cake including the car drivers of all sorts are polite giving the pedestrian right of way. Everyone speaks English to excellent level allowing a pleasant interchange of directions and ideas.

4: Hostel accommodation is the cheapest and we stayed in the heart of the city giving us access to bars , restaurant, cafes and of course the sites.

5: Transport from airport to city is efficient and cheap making the transition effortless at cheap price. we walked everywhere I the city of Pest as home base for first couple of days.

6: Tours are completely free via online to book but welcome donate to guide. Tour of the city of Pest and tour of the city of Buda. Guides are great giving an overview and opportunity to meet other travellers.

High lites of Jewish History in Pest

The Jewish community has been a strong ingredient of Pest and especially in the  early history of Buda due to local restrictions in Pest. Jews have been the victims of hatred for centuries and this is common theme of the history in Hungry. Despite the many thousands being murdered over the centuries the Jewish community have shown a resilience and bounced back in many ways regardless of the onslaught.

The large synagogue above is a historical monument  of what one can do in spite of the unrelenting odds against them. The second photo is a remembrance of the horrific crime against the Jews in the second world war. The shoes often sold after the the victims were shot showing complete contempt for another human being. I have deliberate left out all the details from a historical point as it needs personal investigation to truly understand the suffering of innocent. The tour of synagogue  free guide (pay to go in) will inform you further on the Jewish plight. Also the free tour of Pest and Buda have more shocking information of barbaric treatment in hungry. 

Historical Architecture

Opera House

Saint Stephens Cathedral 

Hand of St. Stephen


Parliament building

Matthias Church

Historical Architecture in Pest has easier access because the city is flat. Buda is on a hill and many buildings are in difficult locations for disabled with difficult access by chair. There is access to most buildings but transport is crucial for less energetic and for those with limited time one foot. The two cities had many influences over the centuries forming today a rich tapestry of culture and buildings opening you to explore the heart of the people.

Night life

Szimpla Kert bar is weird and wonderful place for the party enthusiast but a great place to visit for the curious. In the city of Pest has lots of restaurant , cafes and wacky bars. Compared to UK prices very reasonable so its affordable for most UK travellers. The music scene is popular with many local musicians and international artist visiting the country. 

There is plenty to do in the city and only after spending several days we only saw a fraction of the cities wonders. I have deliberately kept this page short as the gift of exploring the two cities will have many pleasant surprises for the explorer.

Finish with short clip of free local musician 

Úgy szép az élet, ha zajlik.

“Life is beautiful if it’s happening.”


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