Self awareness and Mindfulness

Self awareness is the ability to process your own thoughts , feelings and emotional internal self and with the external environment with others. The challenge with examining our mental and emotional states may be uncomfortable because of many fears and factors. For example you may have been challenge as a child or adult for being sad and the idea was conveyed that your feelings and emotions are not important. The typical English response “Be strong , there are others far worst off than you or get over it”. So being conditioned that feeling sad is bad and the feelings that occur are either repressed or drowned by other actions. The other important ingredient to being self aware is to be honest with ourselves and the external environment. For example our behaviour or how others view us can be challenging because deep down everyone wants to be liked and loved. Another example we may hate our job or where we live or activities we share in with others but don’t do anything about it. For example we go to work as a zombie with no enthusiasm but denying how we really feel about the job. The greatest tool to be self awareness is to recognise our mental and emotional states even if we don’t know why we feel those emotions and feelings. With emotional intelligence being self aware helps us to embrace life with the true authentic self. Finally did you know that every living thing including all the animals are different and think and feel different so be proud of who you are because there is only one of you.

Mindfulness is being fully present in the moment aware of are feelings, thoughts and activity engaged in. The tightrope walker concentrates all his focus on his present step finding balance in his mind and body. This illustrates how he is not passively day dreaming or worrying about the future. Life for many is at a hectic pace and the day can seem like a blur not savouring different activities. Imagine your meal times you only had 5 minutes to quickly eat the food then move on to other busy activities. The experience of eating will become a chore not been able to immerse yourself in this wonderful experience slowly. Secondly probably you will feel indigestion with the experience for not allowing the body to digest the food properly.Mindfulness is just observation of our internal and external world with no judgements. The problem with not practicing mindfulness life can be like living in a machine rather than a human body embracing all the wonderful senses we have. Not being mindful the brain goes into auto pilot mode focused on all the tasks of the day with no emotional connection with the beautiful world and people. An ancient Chinese proverb says”there is beauty in everything”. With just using the sense of sight alone with mindfulness we can see so much more in our day. The NHS website has some excellent suggestions why mindfulness is beneficial to our wellbeing and practical tips for experiencing it. Endeavour to become an expert of your internal states and name those feelings and sensations with no judgements and enlarge your emotional vocabulary. See the beauty in everyone and the world name it with a emotional experience by sincerely expressing it. For example a simple smile can be expressed “ I love the joy you are radiating today with your beautiful smile” or “ I can see the sadness in your eyes do you want to talk about it or can I help you”. By embracing mindfulness in life, every day will not be a blur but a rainbow of experiences .


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