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Extrovert verse Introvert brain biology

Imagine two different types of highways in the brain. The longer more intrinsic route takes longer because it passes more areas of the brain. The neurotransmitter Acetylcholine has many functions of the body chemistry including the nervous system. Because it is also an inhibitor or the brakes of chemical reactions it is more efficient in it is use. This chemical can give us the calming effect and the reward we desire in the brain to function. The dopamine neurotransmitter needs more excitement to reward the brain which is motivated by extrinsic stimulating conditions.

The extrovert is stimulated by sensory inputs to action and learning because of the dopamine highway(pathway)in the brain. The introvert Acetylcholine highway(pathway) travels via information and memories of the brain. The extrovert is rewarded by a relationship of adrenaline because of sympathetic nervous system. Introvert doesn’t need high levels of dopamine because too much gas or dopamine and adrenaline effects the parasympathetic nervous system.

In short your biology and genetics determines your personality type. Finally you can be a ambient personality type which can function in both areas depending on what skills your brain uses in the best specific target area. For example in Bussines you can be a extrovert but in your personal life you function better as a introvert. When you understand your personality type it will help you function more effectively in life.

Psychology of extrovert and introvert

The flow of energy is the main distinguishing factor of these two personality groups. The arousal or motivation is a continuing catalyst of each group on a daily and weekly basis. This in essence means how each personality type feels by the environment they operate in. Obviously in each category there is different ends of the spectrum and also how different activities have a influence on the way the person performs on that specific activity.

Imagine the extrovert typical day , but remember there are other factors influencing the person’s behaviour. They wake up in the morning prepare breakfast for themselves and want share the experience with partner and family. They are all together but with some members may be reluctant due to thier personality type wanting private time to start their day. At the breakfast table the extrovert is talking a lot , excited about the day ahead. They have a big ideas, let’s do this later…. everyone else is still waking up. The new ideas is always involving other people that makes them feel excited. The person has an option to work from home but insists they perform better at the office where they can interact with others.

Imagine the introvert typical day but remember they too are influenced by other factors effecting thier decisions and behaviour. The alarm goes off early so they can have quite time alone eating thier breakfast with a regular routine of planning and assessment of the day and week ahead. Often they read , reflect and feel excited looking forward to creative experiences. They crave to have a day off from the office and focus on their inner drives. The news to work from home is dream they crave because they know their performance will be greatly enhanced not being distracted by fellow colleagues chitchat.

There are more dimensions to the personality types with fascinating details which helps to understand more clearly your preferences. The Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory (MBTI) is great tool to investigate which part of the spectrum your are likely to fit into.

Finally this will show how you will react to social distancing or isolation when it is enforced. The extrovert thrives on social interaction and feel threatened by reducing engagement.Opposite reaction the introvert will welcome such measures.


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