THINK SMART or be Speechless

Most humans have the choice to be either smart or dumb. I am not being prejudiced about those unfortunate individuals who literally have no voice or have a speech impediment. Even the great Stephen Hawkins was unable to speak naturally due to his illness but what a remarkable example of someone who was really smart in the true sense of the word. Today we are privileged to live in an era of great scientific understanding at our finger tips. One of my best friends is called google he seems to know a lot answers instantly. He can point you in many directions with an array of possibilities to many questions from all over the globe.

It is so easy to blame every body else for our problems , it may be true that some humans have caused us much pain. Often the unfortunate events happen where we have no control in our life. We have at least two choices whatever situation we are in.

1 Moan moan and moan again and again but is that really going to improve the situation. At this juncture, I will say you must express your emotions in a dignified way for example in the case of grief. If you suppress your feelings continually, your body eventually will tell you in a dramatic way one day.

2 Think SMART. We have done this a million times as children growing up. Your body had to learn so many complex functions ,walking, talking, eating, listening, reading, building. The list is endless and for some strange reason a lot of adults reach a point in their life and stop. There could be many reasons why people become Stuck in life.If you are at this stage in your life discus with a trained health professional to help you resolve this problem. Be proactive in searching for answers to your situation, why , where and how. You may never change your situation especially if it’s an illness or disability. Put your Sherlock Holmes head on not your emotional trauma heart.

An example how to be SMART about a problematic issue could be , I lost my job. We discovered that moaning about the issue will only become a self fulfilling prophecy of unemployment. Start looking at the problem as a challenge like an infant learning to walk. Be proactive, take your first step then your next and you will fall down or come across an obstacle. Like a child use your imagination and determination to reach that toy across the room. Ask for help , a child gains confidence when a parent guides or supports them taking their steps. Research , research, research more to become a smart person. Your new job now is looking for a job or learning new skills for a different employment. Be smart by not restricting your opportunities , eat your pride. A low paying or boring job is better than no income at all. Where there is dirt there is money and plenty of those jobs available. This doesn’t mean to say you will stay in this job , it’s your first step. When a child learns to walk the opportunity to to be independent enriches the whole family in so many ways. Likewise when we encounter challenges in our life be SMART be PROACTIVE and not dumb.


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