“I believe music is like medicine. Like a good tonic, it can open your mind, strengthen and possibly even cure you. Music can work on many levels, and nothing I know of possesses the healing force that exists within music.” 

”Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.” 

Two quotes I found on music healing power and there are many more I’m sure you have heard in a song many times just that feeling you experienced yourself. The power of music is an amazing gift we can use to create many environments from love to death. For me me I would say music has been and still is my best friend. I can’t imagine a world without music and the emotions that cradles it’s soul. Music can inspire , motivate, console, excite , and be melancholy. 

I have always believed in the power of music as a therapeutic tool it has particularly been a tonic for me. There is a profession of being a music therapist throughout the world. The witch doctor in Africa with the chants to appease the dead and the living. Today modern age of high tech institutions with specific targeting treatments and remedies with the use of music in some form.

I have been listening to a audio book discussing the subject “ Music and the brain”. The professor explains in one lecture the science of music therapy. It resonates with me on how he described that of high levels of stress effects the body but can reduced by the effect by music. The lecture mentioned many scientific studies how music has helped people with Parkinson’s, Dementia, Stroke and Autism. There have been studies on how music has helped premature babies with music in their development. Basically the science in simple terms is called neuroplasticity . The brain can repair its circuits by musical input which stimulates the brain capacity to regenerate new connections.

Listen , learn , sing , play and feel the music. Listen to various music genres and see how it effects your mind and mood on a regular basis. Learn to sing or play an instrument which will engage many areas of your brain. Feel the music by dancing or allowing it to flow through your emotions. Why not write a song or listen carefully to the lyrics of an artist. Finally the research has shown that live music is always more emotive to its audiences with the ambiance of all our senses connecting to the artist.


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