Life Skills: Nutrition


First step to a healthy food nutrition choices is by planning your week meals , breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having fixed regular planned meals you will reduce the unhealthy food choices cravings and save money as well as improve your health in the long term and now.

Nutrition: Food choices
Nutrition starts with a healthy mindset

Foundation of healthy nutrition 5 key principles 1 Eat natural foods 2 Healthy snacks fill those hunger periods 3 Record what you eat because data help see your strengths and weaknesses 4 Foods will determine your short term and long term performance 5 Reduce Sugars , Fats especially Trans & Saturated and salts because too much will make you ill and may kill you. The food companies use these 3 ingredients to make the our brain addictive to what we eat and too eat much food and will have cravings for such foods again . They spend billions on how to get people hooked so profits soar in the food industry

Nutrition:Drink Choices

Nutrition: Drink Choices. The body assimilates nutrients from the liquids we consume either for benefit or detriment of our our health.

Nutrition believe it or not is about educating your brain motivation on why you eat certain foods. Basically the brain works on autopilot by predicting what we will enjoy by previous experiences. Big food companies know this so they sell their products to finance their empires with no regard for any nutritional benefits. The secret is to reprogram your brain and habits it will be worth it in the long term.

Nutrition who is in charge

Nutrition is a very complexed science shaped by our behaviour patterns of eating and drinking often controlled subconsciously by our brain and our life long habits

Nutrition : Benefits of good food and drink choices

Food choices: Nutrition
In 1826 French author Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote: “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what your are.” He recognised that animals in nature don’t get fat due to what they consume. He has been the quoted as the father of a low carb diet. Because everyone food requirements are different ,diets don’t work so be careful it may effect your wallet and your health in a negative way. The science of nutrition is very complex so the secret if you are unfamiliar to nutrition is one simple step at a time. Today life skill in nutrition is to look at what nature offers you first. The more natural unprocessed foods we eat the better long lasting effects it will have on our health.
1 Eat vegetables, nuts and fruits as your first choice

Track your food intake . Scientists only make progress by the information they gather to see the real picture of what is happening. My fitness pal is a great free app you can use to record what food your body has consumed. Now you became aware of what actually your body is processing because we can’t rely on our brain because often it tricks or convinces us what actually has not happened.

Nutrition in healthy snacks is essential. The origin of snacks came from the food we already had at home. Often it was left over whole food in the home not processed sugary foods laden with fat and salt. Snacks industry in America is over 90 Billion dollars and the food they offer is engineered to sell by scientific laboratories with no concern with nutrition.

Nutrition is about what goes into your mouth and through your body. To keep it simple , the unseen ingredients (macronutrients) in our food will either help you or restrict you in your performance. The irony is “that a lot of people spend more time and money on their vehicles then their ventricle( part of the heart) which is best vehicle we will ever own.

Nutrition is not a factor in the food industry which is driven by profit. The companies spend millions on where when how what and why we consume food. Sadly a lot health problems are due to too much sugar been repacked as fructose, too much saturated fat and too much salt. Reduce these ingredients as much as you can and your body will thank you

Nutrition: Hydration is so important for the body for many reasons especially for optimal health. The brain is 80% water so being hydrated you will be smarter. The water intake is so vital to service this major organ. Water is an amazing vehicle supporting the many different systems in the human body. By water absorption the vital nutrients will reach their destination and the removal of lethal toxins will take place. Recommend dose is to drink at least 2 litres a day to supply our body needs. Secret to water consumption is to track your intake by filling a 2 litre water container in the morning so you can see how much you are actually drinking.

Coffee has many positive benefits when used in moderation. 1 Energy burst 2 Helps metabolism 3 Contains nutrients 4 Antioxidants 5 Focus 6 Positive lift in mood 7 Help fight against disease

Fizzy drinks which are often labelled soft drinks are not soft on your body. The drinks are full of sugar which causes metabolic syndrome or in other words obesity which can have tragic effects on the body. National health service website warns against such high calorific intake with many other reputable sources. Data also shows that the diet version is associated with increased weight rather than losing weight. The acidity in the drinks will ruin your beautiful smile. The simple truth is that there is NO nutrition value in these drinks. Imagine you buy a Diet Coke every day for £0.85 at the end of the year you could save £321.20 wow what a bonus in your wallet

Nutrition in Alcohol: Simply we don’t derive any nutrients from alcohol apart from sugars which have been processed. Alcohol contains about 9000 calories per gram. Regards benefits of red wine there is a lot of conflicting evidence of health benefits. The secret to alcohol is view it as a treat for occasional use because the brain very easily trick you to consume too much which is detrimental to your health.

Fruit juices & supplements. Firstly fruit juices contain a tremendous amount or natural sugars and often processed sugars such as fructose which are both high calories. Imagine we had to eat 10 oranges at once that’s what your are doing in essence with fruit juice. According to Harvard Medical School “nutrition shakes and drinks are not a magic bullets for nutrition. They also said that nutrition in a can is not the same as a healthy meal. Advice from a health professional is the secret who knows what your dietary needs are.

Neurogastroenterology is how your gut controls many functions including our mental health. There are trillions bacteria in the gut which are regulated by the enteric system. Often wonder why your moods change it could be linked to what foods you are digesting or lack of nutrients needed for your body needs. Stress and anxiety are felt in these areas because the second brain communicates with our control centre the main brain via the vagus nerve effortlessly. The body is so complicated and interwoven that what ever chemicals or foods we ingest will eventually effect our long term mental health.

Nutrition ;social facilitation is fancy science word on how we eat socially. Meal sizes were between 29% and 48% larger compared to when eating alone according to one science study . Social correlation is another term- the more people in the group, the greater the intake for each individual in the group ,there are many reasons why this happens . Now you know the basic science it will help you to be aware of eating habits on social occasion. They call it mindful eating , what you eat and when you eat is to listen to body needs 😊 is difficult on social occasions because of many complex factors

Nutrition is your responsibility. It is so easy to blame others why we are fat , thin ,unhealthy, and when we are not happy with our bodies. Sadly the world focuses more on what going on with the outside of the body , how we look , we compare ourselves with others and what you have. Intrinsically we are all the same inside , we have the same brain , the same heart and other amazing mechanisms to keep us alive. If we spend more time on our inner engineering we would be surprised that even 10 % change will have a positive effect now and long term. I have had the privilege of reading these books last year which some of information I have put on Instagram during the month of January. One final healthy tip to remember, nutrition is a lifelong journey with amazing relationship with our food choices that can make or break us


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