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Regular exercise will change your body shape. Here is some science why we often we store fat around our organs particularly the belly area. A lot of us have stress in our lives so the body natural reaction is to produce cortisol so we have a quick burst of energy to solve the situation. For example a lion confronts you ,so you need get out of that situation fast ,then the body produces cortisol for a quick energy burst. The problem today is that we are faced with lion like problems but don’t run. So the body over a period of time stores or changes our metabolism to store fat with the continued stress. Secret to reduce stress and body fat is to exercise regularly . Too much intense exercise will increase cortisol again so they suggest 40-60% moderate exercise like brisk walk every day for half an hour to remove that fat and stress Win Win Win 1 Less stress 2 Look Good 3 Feel Good

Never too young to start. Alarming rate of obesity in children today due to diet and inactivity. Tremendous benefits for young people to learn that exercise is fun and rewarding. Some of benefits as follows 1 strengthens bones and muscles 2 Increase confidence 3 Helps mental state 3 healthier 4 More Positive 5 Make connections socially 6 learn new skills. There are many more which will determine their long term health and short term state. Part of a child education is exercise through sport etc. “Healthy body healthy mind”

“A man’s mind, stretched by new ideas, may never return to its original dimensions” I love this quote because of play on words in connection with exercise, “stretching” “dimensions” basically that is what you are doing to your body when you exercise in a simplistic way. Today we have the internet , clubs, gyms, sporting facilities, books , personal trainers. The simple truth is we are not born with how to live a healthy lifestyle but we can learn. Instead of being overwhelmed focus on one area of fitness .What do you want from it ? Next step do some research on topic. Set a realistic goal . For example a realistic goal is to walk 3 times a week for 2 hours each session at this time. Exercise can be easy , the hardest part is taking the first step 🚶‍♂️

Disability doesn’t have to stop exercise. I love athletics and what really inspires me is the Paralympic Games. Despite their limitations in life they have excelled in many areas in life where we often take for granted. In two weeks we will look at the mindset of exercise and what we can learn from the disadvantage in this respect. We could think of a million reasons why or how we can’t exercise because of our situation in life. The perspective we can imitate of the disabled Olympic athletes, is what can I do and focus on that. Often the disabled have to exercise harder just to survive. With any muscle group the saying is “ don’t use it , you will lose it” and finally never take for granted what your body can do for you because if you forget or to look after your body , soon they will forget you.

Cardio exercise is any exercise that increases your heart rate. According to the NHS website recommends 150 minutes a week for 19 – 64 yr olds. The activities could include Brisk walking , cycling, dancing , tennis. Suggest to warm up first for example Brisk walking. Stretch your leg muscles on your stairs maybe walk up and down slowly. When start walking ,walk average pace for 5 minutes then increase your pace gradually increase your speed to what feels comfortable increase your heart rate. At the End of the walk slow down , so your body can adjust , when you arrive home try bending and stretching your muscles make sure you are hydrated.

Any exercise that improves your muscle strength, sometimes you can see in size . You will notice you will have more power and this give you more endurance to complete a task. The cheapest way is to use your own body weight which is called resistance training with many free apps showing you what to do at home. There is the internet with many great YouTube videos to inspire. For me personally I struggle with this activity with consistency but my boys love it. I am going to be serious about improving my strength routine in 2021 . If you are serious about strength exercise and your body shape I have to admit the gyms probably the best option as a commitment and they have experts there to encourage and show you what to do. Simple way to include strength exercise in your routine is to use the stairs , walk fast or run. Vigorous housework is another free opportunity 😂

Balance training. In science they call it Proprioception which basically means we are aware of the body orientation which is a very interesting subject. Often this is implemented in rehabilitation after injury and disease which has effected the body. The body needs to learn new movements because after a life time of using our old knee, all the muscles , Neurones in the brain etc, have been retrained to use new knee. As we age the body needs to be constantly adjusted because of new situations, and deterioration so we can maximise what we can still do. Added bonus of balance training it keeps our brains sharp and can form new connections in our brain. Ratchet sports are great for balance and coordination. Another feature of balance training is that you can challenge yourself and have fun with others doing it.

Stretching and flexibility are important ingredients to regular exercise. We often carry a lot of stress in our bodies from modern living. Build of tension in our tissues and muscles can be reduced by stretching which helps release tension . By increasing our flexibility we find every day activities a lot easier. By stretching and increased flexibility will prevent injuries. Most significant benefits is increased circulation of the body transport systems. The lymphatic system services your muscles and tissue and the immune system. Regular exercise with stretching will improve your vitality and joint rotations. Expression of being your flexible friend to your body will pay you back many dividends

Invent ways to exercise is a great way to be consistent and to make it fun. There are Millions of opportunities to exercise every day and being part of a healthy lifestyle. My favourite all rounder of exercise is walking especially hill walking. I use to love running and that was when my fitness levels amazing and it was at the right time just before my late wife was diagnosed with cancer. Exercise is for everyone It doesn’t have to cost a penny , learning how the body moves and why it is so essential for good health is a good start.Today mantra “The first step should never be our last step or one day it could be your last breathe. “
why we don’t exercise and how difficult it is to exercise , it all starts in that organ that just sits there your brain .Our mental state is the key to success. It’s a huge topic so for simplicity and brevity I will try streamline the main ideas. We make excuses why we don’t do certain things and often it is our history of habits which shapes our behaviour and negative thinking towards exercise. Also our own perspective on things have active point of view. Lots of tricks to change the way we see exercise. Start small so it is not overwhelming and it becomes a healthy small achievable habit. A great idea is to change bad habit to a healthy one. For example instead of watching 3/4 hours tv exercise instead for a small part. Motivation is influenced by a reward , so after the exercise have a reward as an incentive. For example watch favourite program or nice hot bath. What you feed your brain will determine what you will do. Learn about important reasons why to exercise and how. Finally make exercise fun and enjoyable and it will become easy to take the first step.
One big reason why people don’t exercise is because of the emotions they feel about exercise which we will mention tomorrow.

Our emotional state has a significant role in what we desire to do. Heard the expression “I don’t feel like it today , I have had a stressful day “. The brain is influenced by several factors, our environment, our chemistry in the brain and past memories are just a few challenges . The biggest reason I have noticed why people don’t exercise is stress . Stress comes in various outfits , work , family, money and finally , self. When we are happy , going for a walk on a sunny is easy but if you’re not in stable emotional state to go walking in the rain is a big mountain to climb for the brain. The panacea for these difficult moods is exercise which will change your chemistry, your environment and memory of exercise. As one famous sporting brand says regardless of your emotional state “ just do it “

Why we don’t exercise is a million dollar question with a million different excuses. In human behaviour the simple reason why we don’t exercise is because we want the short term gains rather than the actual future reality of a healthy body. Other reasons can include the discomfort of exercise you will have if you’re not familiar with it. Lack of energy and feeling tired at end of busy day is harder to do than at the beginning of a new day after a well rested nights sleep. Money and time is another commodity why we don’t want to trade with exercise. Make a list of your reasons why you find it difficult to exercise regularly and reframe the reason to new reason to your advantage which is changing your mindset which we will consider tomorrow.

Our MINDSET is key to reach our healthy positive potential. There is many models to have a positive mindset. My favourite is called CBT which basically says what we think either actively or passively will effect our emotions then that will show in our behaviour and actions. The example of falling in love starts with thoughts then eventually you are prepared to show your love by positive actions. In a similar way when we change our thoughts about exercise eventually we will love what we are doing and it will become part of our lifestyle. Ultimately when we love ourself and our precious life we show our bodies needs by exercise . Motivation is another mindset for exercise.

Exercise Rewards 1 Better Performance: The science is well documented that exercise benefits the brain to perform far better in many different areas. Basically the increase of oxygen, nutrients, hormone, proteins and other vital ingredients produce new neurones , better connections and reduce inflammation in the brain. Exercise helps the body sleep better which allows your brain to reset , recharge and recycle few brain important rhythms which helps to have better performance the next day. Remember we have between 70 – 80 thousand thoughts a day. Sleep essential to process all the days brain activity. Another important factor for better performance to reach your potential exercise reduces stress which helps the brain to refocus.

Live longer and better quality of life. According to one research study individuals at normal weight who did 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week lived extra 7.2 years on average. According to another study exercise reduces major risk factors that cause death , they say between 30% – 35% of inactive people have greater expectancy of dying earlier. There is a great line from Alanis Morissette a singer who said” I want to walk through life instead of being dragged through it”. Exercise may give you longer life so that’s an incentive to take your body for a walk in the park.

Fights disease. There is a tremendous amount of evidence to prove that regular exercise fights disease. One our major organs needs exercise to reduce coronary heart disease and associated illness. Related to this is diabetes with regular exercise will lower your insulin levels which in turn reduces stress on other vital organs and body systems. Studies have shown by exercise can improve quality of a cancer patient. Exercise reduces risk of some cancers attacking the body. The body was designed to move , even we we are sitting still there are many body systems constantly moving we are not aware of. Imagine your body is full of many busy highways and it only takes one car stop the traffic. The eventual result of the highways will be restricted access and even cause fatal accidents. A flow of energy is only maintained by our regular exercise which fights disease for us.

There are lots of reasons why we can fight fatigue with exercising despite often that’s last thing we want to do when we are tired. Simple explanation of one complex reason increased energy. The efficiency of energy all ready stored in the body which streamline all the body systems. One component is better blood flow with increased oxygen. Imagine your car is loaded down with a load of petrol cans stored in the boot of the car. This fuel is primed to reduce the buildup of flux in the engine. Instead of filling your car by petrol station use the fuel in the boot of your car. This will increase the car performance and run more smoothly. Exactly the same in our body from a molecular level right up to our vital organs of heart and lungs. Instead of having a nap try going for a brisk walk and see how you feel afterAre you a plant or a human being? We were designed to move and there are a million reasons why we should. This month a life skill we covered just a few aspects of an amazing skill we can achieve and improve on. Never compare your body or your life routine to anyone else because we are all biologically capable of different potential inspirations. Life is a precious gift and exercise shows that we love life and we love other people. If you want to be inspired here is one example. Kate Hyne at the age of 45 who was dying of cancer never gave up. Last week on her death bed she was determined to get up and have a shower. I had to help her to reach her goal. I have never seen anyone with such determination. Despite all of her effort she moved a very short distance to achieve her goal. Exercise starts in the mind and never give up.


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