Creativity: What is the difference between a machine and human? The biggest distinction is our innate ability to be creative. There is no right or wrong way to be creative because it is an expression of ourselves. The creative arts are very subjective because one person view of a masterpiece is another person trash. The secret is to practice like the great artist who never sit back on their laurels, they always looking for ways to improve. We can all be creative and one great way is to start is with cooking. All of my children can cook even my 13 year old son and they are all amazing because one reason is that their mother delivered the skills they needed by her DNA.

Why not start with a simple appetiser , then next day a main course. Third day a desert and on 4th day try a new drink combination. When you have had a go after 4 days you will have a four course meal. Practice this today by starting with a simple starter then you can improve as you go along.

Remember the three P.

1 Prepare

2 Practice

3 Presentation.

Finally with any creativity remember the “eeee”

1:Express yourself

2:Experiment with your unique style

3:Experience the senses

4:Enjoy the process

One day you may have your own restaurant or be on master chef🍴

Creativity is like sunshine for the brain. Have you ever been so absorbed in a project and forget the aches and pains with the worries of life. The time passes like the flicker of an eye and your state becomes relaxed and happier this is called flow.

Here’s the simple science, why flow happens: dopamine floods the various networks in the brain including the motivation system.This is linked to the reward system in the brain. It is the same chemical that gives us the craving for chocolate, sex , food , etc. Basically the brain is signalling and influencing us to do pleasurable things. Creativity engages different levels of engagement in the brain.In the process of creativity it’s like a flood of sunshine or dopamine or pleasure being created in the brain.

The brain craves new experiences.Why not take a different approach to what you do on a regular basis.For example if you have boiled potatoes every day try a different way of cooking the same ingredients. Being creative in the mundane routine of cooking every day will add a sparkle to your plate and face.🙂

Creativity boost self esteem. The opposite to low self worth is pride. Remember that time you completed that task or had to struggle through a difficult challenge. When you conquered it the feelings about yourself energised you. The same is about being creative it will boost you self value in many positive ways. Pride can improve your life especially in creativity. Here is one resource of positive pride 1 Higher standards and quality of work 2 Helps to be resilient and not to give up , you will try again 3 Care about what you do 4 Willing to fight for what is right and want is the best 5 Take care of others by trying to promote healthy prospects. When you try new things and succeed it boost your self esteem. Great thing about being creative there is no right or wrong way , it’s your own style ,as they say “Own it”. Cooking is a great way to boost your self esteem because even if no one in family enjoys your creative style I’m sure the dog will love it 😂

Creativity in art is a very interesting subject. Keep it simple focus and say for our perspective art is being creative. For me personally art had to be created by someone who is creative and I’m sure I am not a Leonardo and there are not many like him alive today prove my point. Art is a diversity of peoples imagination, invention and creativity. Art is therapy for the mind from emotional, cognitive and the rest of the body systems. Art is amazing because it can have influence on our wellbeing even if you didn’t produce the art. The greatest art is all around us in nature where many fine artists have been inspired and copied it. The step of becoming an artist is to have a go 🎨

Creativity can increase with age.
The creative brain functions in two ways. One in fluid mental cognitive state which means you can quickly solve equations and challenges effortlessly. The crystallised intelligence refers to the ability to use knowledge acquired through past learning or experience. The crystallised state of being creative is an advantage with age like a great wine as it matures produces a deeper and fuller flavour. Many of the great artists perfected thier masterpieces later in life. One great creative individual said that his creativity output was greater at the age of 70 to 90 years of age then between 50 to 70. The most important ingredient for creativity is time , as we age sometimes the responsibilities of life gives more time especially at retirement. In the book Phycology of creativity said that all the top creative individuals were still working hard at thier craft regardless of age.

Creativity in childhood has a positive impact on the developing brain. While engaging in different creative activities the brain connections the synapses are strengthened and pruning the brain to further growth. The brain overlaps in function in different process.For example mathematicians often experienced learning a musical instrument as a child. Creativity is never a waste of time for children because it is like exercise and nurture for the brain and mind of the future artist and genius.

Creativity produces hope from within. There is a very famous book by VIctor Frankl called the meaning of life. The author was a Physiatrist who was a victim of the holocaust who survived. He mentioned in his story that everything was stripped away from him and he had to endure the most barbaric treatment. Two things that kept the survivors alive was imagination and art. Used his creative imagination to talk to his wife and God. The prisoners when possible had their own entertainment he called art. It was forbidden to have such privileges but when they could they immersed themselves in the arts. It could be the Italian singing or the faint violin in the distance they could hear from officials celebrations.Finally near the end of the war the survivors focused what they would do after, either to see their families or go back to projects they did before the war included arts. When times are distressing focusing on creativity is a healing for the soul that produces hope.

Creativity is available in technology with easy access for innovation and inspiration. Social media is a massive platform to suit everybody individual needs. At a touch of button today we can see masterpieces from comfort of own home. Most artists use this platform to inspire and promote their work. I love Instagram to follow my favourite art to give me that lift and inspiration from national gallery to Louvre museum to renaissance. Use the tools at your finger tips get your creative brain working

Creativity: Writing is a great way to benefit yourself and others. Major problem with mental in today’s society people rarely have a heart to heart conversation about how they feel inside their bodies and mind. The emotions become entangled and the body is confused on how to process life events. With writing anyone can put their intimate thoughts on paper. Expressing your emotions allows the body to respond to your intimate needs. The body nervous systems, all other systems are wired into the brain by the vagus nerve. Tension , anxiety, illness are linked to cognitive and emotional processes. Here are few tips . Free writing is a process to write whatever comes to your mind for long as you want , it doesn’t have to make sense. Another idea is to write a letter to yourself. Write to dead relatives this help release grief , I have done this several times to my late wife. Find an object and describe it then after wards write in front of the words written I am. Creative expression we can learn about ourselves by being creative and reading other creative works. Here are some amazing benefits 1 Increases Happiness 2 Improves mental health 3 Improves Physical health 4 Makes you smarter 🙂

Creativity: Writing is a great tool for expanding your horizons. It can help you discover new parts of the implicit self. The brain has to organise our thoughts when it comes to writing. The senses have an integral part in performing a writing task. The action of writing reinforces the mind to actively learning and processing data in a understanding to release our thoughts and feelings. There are Many different therapies that can maximise a person life experiences to enrich or translate traumatic events. All top performers write every day in some kind of format. Every scientist, successful Bussines, author’s etc carry a note book. They do this because when ideas or thoughts sorings into their mind they write it down because they know they will forget. I use my smart phone to record my ideas because I have it all times. The ideas when written down can become a seed that might grow to a mighty oak. Practice noticing ideas , sayings and questions in your mind and it will enrich your life experiences. The pen is definitely mightier than the sword. By practicing creativity in writing it will unleash a hidden power of you.

Creativity: Music is a great way to be creative and for me music is one of life’s great gifts. Listening to music is a great start as it activates the brain but to give your brain a full work out learn to play an instrument. Follow the link and explains why music is so great for a healthy brain

Music is an excellent source of creativity and solving problems. When the brain is overwhelmed with anxiety and stress it is difficult to use the brain in cognitive( processing data) problems. The answer is to listen to music which will change your mood because it will relax the brain with new frequencies you are listening to. According to Time magazine the researchers have found that during a stuck moment or a puzzle for the brain stop what you are doing. Leave the problem listen to some familiar and pleasurable music for a while. Sometimes during this time the eureka moment may surface with a spring of new ideas. This gives the brain time to wander subconsciously allowing the mind to be more creative.

Creativity: Thomas Edison,Issac Newton,Walt Disney,Albert Einstein were innovators. They made a massive contribution to society which has made life so much more accessible and enjoyable. Through thier innovation they discovered new ways of solving problems. The expression looking outside the box gives the idea of not being confined by our present way of doing and looking at the world. Creativity is not just for fun but has a huge practical side by developing skills in every day life. By exploring and trying new methods is like giving the brain exercise. Add excitement and challenges to life with a novel idea and try a new way. Humanity is prone to the same routine because it is less work for the brain.Being creative may be a lightbulb moment in your everyday activities. By experimenting in various creativity you could stumble on a new idea that could enrich your life.

Creativity: Outside space is definitely a treasure to hold on to. Enjoying the sunshine and the wind blowing against the face in good company is healthy option to fight the stresses of life. Your space outside could be your creative sanctuary. The man in his shed , the woman planting her flowers and the children playing outside all in their own creative way. A great quote I found “Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes”.Here are a couple of links for ideas or just to enjoy being creative outside

Creativity:Hobbies are a great way to express and develop skills that has many benefits. A hobby can be a source of income. A hobby can save money by making a product rather than buying it or have someone to do the job for you. One important benefits to having hobbies delays or can inhibit neurogenerative diseases. Hobbies can be positive resource from negative emotions and circumstances that will help in difficult situations you face. Here is link for a few creative hobbies ideas

Creativity: It makes you smarter or more intelligent. How you define intelligence is a matter of perspective. Smart people still make bad decisions. Basically the creative person is using different areas in the brain and these are connected of what we already know and make new connections and strengthen old pathways. The more you use these connections the smarter you become. Great aspect of creativity you can choose the activity you like and can create with fun. Creativity encourages the brain to look at life differently and you are unique so it can inspire others from a new perspective. A great quote to get you motivated to be creative and reflect on“ every artist is asked the question where did you get the ideas from?” The honest an artist answers “I steal them”.


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