Law of Attraction online course 111

Law of attraction is the buzz word for dreamers and seekers alike. Regardless of what you believe the facts are we are vibrations vibrating frequencies through the universe. The energy flows through our bodies into our lives. We create our reality from internal world on how we perceive the environment. The psychology and philosophy of the law of attraction has been in the background in religious and other practices. Before the ancient Egyptians the secret wisdom was available then and passed down through secret organisations. I Decided to make the simple course available for lifetime price of only $11.00 , its not about the money because there is infinite abundance but the symbolism of 1 series of 1 is significant from philosophical , religious and mathematical number. Course name has 111 emphases the number 1. When you research number its an awesome number in the universe in contrast to dualist world perceived by many. There is only one of you , you have one mind, one heart and one vision. The ancients believed especially in the east there is only mind, one reality everything is connected to the one. Sadly many of the problems caused by separation of you and me by dogma but we are the same. Law of attraction help you to have a better perception of your reality and let the  love flow through you. Video below overview, I will put link to course below, any problems please contact me.




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