Happiness or being happy is a subjective to interpretation of a person experience. For example what one person dreams as answer to being happy could be a nightmare for someone else. The main ideas of happiness is being free from situations that cause distress , anxiety and pain. The other main component of happiness is to have a purpose or meaning in life have for yourself.

The science of being happy is occurring your brain by chemical reactions. The rest of the body translates this through the various body systems as feelings and sensations. When the senses are engaged in positive activities with reward and motivation circuits the brain is being fired and linked to previous memories then catalog. Another factor is our disposition and genetics what we inherited from our parents and environment. Other factors influencing our mental state of happiness is cultural perception and our own personal perception. For example in many western civilisation the idea of having abundance of money is a source of happiness. Researchers shown that there is a limit or a cut off point in these returns what they call the bliss point.

The biggest precursor for not having happiness is stress and anxiety because cortisol can induce depression. Researchers have linked per longed stress to damaging the person DNA which will effect your homeostasis. The healthy DNA is important factor for happiness which is life prescription for vitality.

There are many practical ways to improve our mental state to a more positive orientation then will lead to happiness. By changing the chemistry in our brain is one great way to feel good and experience greater contentment and satisfaction. Our lifestyle is one important ingredient with regular aerobic exercise.

Adding meaning to life with creativity exploring new experiences to your enrich life. Having a good support network help to facilitate positive affirmations and congruence in humanity. This will enable positive personal growth for more productivity in your relationships and life’s opportunities.

Finally having a good sense of humour being able to laugh at yourself and laugh with others is a balm in life anxieties. Every day try to smile and practice gratitude will fortify your inner joy.


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