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One way to cope with your grief is by expressing it either to a trusted friend , a trained counsellor or in printed form. I am very creative person and have written many poems to let my feelings out. I love communicating with the world by various forms. Below is one example of expressing myself , so why not have a go.

This poem is about wife last week of her life she had to face in hospital. She went into hospital Monday very ill due to her aggressive cancer and strong chemotherapy. Sadly she died on Sunday morning at a great surprise to everyone. I was there holding her hand saying a prayer together alone as her body shut down. She was a fighter and after I told her to go she died tragically.It was the most traumatic event in my life , but I’m glad I was there ,because she needed my support right to the end.

She Not Coming Home

She went away for a day
never knew she was gonna stay
in her final place
where there was no saving grace.
Who would ever know
that there she would leave her soul
She not coming home
we all want to see her face
she was all alone
She not coming back to this place
Time passes us by
tears and sadness fly
silence fills the air
nobody here or there
End of a little girl life
a friend, a mother and wife
She not coming home
We’ve Forgotten her face
she was all alone
She not coming back to this place
We will never understand
how to say goodbye to man
we will never feel emotions of that little girl
who had leave this wicked world
The painting ,the story and the song
Will Never end because she is gone
She not coming home
No more tears on her face
She never wanted to be alone
Let us All say goodbye because she not coming home


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