Fear can appear or actually be a massive mountain like challenge in your life right now. With any challenge , effort is needed physically, mentally and most importantly, emotionally.

The conquering of the worlds highest mountain did not happen over night or with the first strike. Many experienced climbers have failed and lost their lives in such a pursuit. The many successful expeditions of Mount Everest had preparation and expertise to help them in their conquest.

The secret to success , is to make small changes at a time so we don’t become overwhelmed and can stir up or complicate other fears. Sometimes our fears overlap in many areas of our lives which has a common denominator. Phycologist and therapist also have fears themselves which they are continuing to work through. Every body has fear of some description but often many hide or deny such life traps exist. 

Time is the most important ingredient in processing our mountain like fears. When the mountain is excessively high or we can’t see any way through it we need help. With the help of an expert they can navigate our journey step by step. I have read many self help books on a broad range of subjects. These guides will help you but with a trained therapist they can give you confidence, resources, and a safer route. There are many reasons why individuals dont seek an expert to assist them. I will list a few and see if this is one of your fears.

1 I Feel ashamed or guilty of how foolish or stupid my fear is?

2 I will not be able to afford the money for continued treatment?

3 My friends and family say I don’t need any help its a waste of time and money ?

4 I will be ok, I lived with it so far, I will not be able to change my fear ?

5 I had some therapy in the past , it didn’t work , I did not like?

These are just few ideas of what we think and feel. I could give you a many logical reasons why take your first step. Maybe it s not the right time for you to climb the MOUNTAIN. Remember you will still have that fear till you die unless you take that first step. 

Finally in my experience, climbing that mountain is very hard work Physically ,mentally and especially emotionally. Im eternally grateful I made that first step because I can honestly say it s been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

Edward Hillary , Tenzin Norgay and John Hunt on 29th May 1953 climbed to the top of Mount Everest. Edward Hillary said ” Nobody climbs mountains for scientific reasons. Science is used to raise money for the expeditions, but you really climb for the hell of it”


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