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Forgiveness a key to unlock compassion

“To Forgive all our errors is to forgive the world with compassion”

Forgiveness is from an old English word conveying ideas to “give, grant, allow a debt, an offense. Underneath the idea the sentiment or emotion to give up desire or power to punish. This is easier said than done because of our complex belief systems integrated from our personal histories of experience. Compassion and forgiveness are interlinked because of the emotional drives are linked with our awareness. I will endeavour to explain how to unleash your inner drives of wholeness with the tool of forgiveness with the everlasting love that prevails the whole universe in transition of compassion.

All credit and glory go to the super abundant wisdom of the infinite that seeks to love and release the higher self to its full potential. The full experience was due to a meditation and full awareness opening my mind to one of my allusive barriers to love myself and the world with unconditional love. We all believe we love ourselves but through my journey of discovery especially through meditation and knowledge it untangles our distorted perspective by removing limiting filters we wear and carry.

The programs and beliefs that have been inculcated since conception on this journey blots the marvellous vision of clarity available to all humanity. One of the biggest blots or strangulation and suffocating of our awareness with the concept of sin. The foundation of unconditional love I believe flows throughout the universe with ease not with presupposition of action. When we Examine nature, it flows with simplicity and cohesion of their symbiotic relationships that are not based on religious dogma or political agendas. The eons of religious and political systems rise and fall but nature continues its unending cycle of life without thought.

During my meditation the bright light of forgiveness came into my awareness. The stigmas we carry from childhood of other people’s projections and expectations are lurking in the shadow of reality. The realisation that I was carrying buckets of underlying projections against my soul was revealed by the higher self.

From a child’s perspective its limited knowledge and human experience the child reflects the environment on to itself. For example, as I have mentioned before, my father left my mother when I was 8 years old. I carried that projection of rejection with me as a child expectation of unconditional love from a parent. Sadly, the pain and hurt of failed relationships can cause decades of unresolved trauma. The child can blame itself for the problems it encounters while young due to ignorance and carry’s it as shame, guilt, and sorrow.

The example of sin is so ingrained in western cultures some atheist and agnostics use the same strategy in parenting styles through to the relationships in the workplace and others. The concept you are not good enough has its roots in educational systems from 17th centuries with religion foothold in educating the masses. The propensity of not going to Sunday school or church segregated the community to idealism of good and evil. This is facilitated today in many cultures, of children not achieving top academic status. The reward often due to not reaching academic accolade with title working class.

The expectations of others may be rooted from hidden failure or lack of forgiveness of themselves. William James book published over over 100 years old called the varieties of religious experiences identifies the division of humanity with religious piety. In essence the extremes of religious piety are not rational but radical psychological experiences of divided self. He postulates that individual religious experiences, not the organized religious life is authentic self.

I have respect for others religious experiences but believe that unconditional love tempered with forgiveness for self is the champion to unlock compassion not dogma. The fact that my wife suffered with agonising cancer and died because of sin the church ideology is preposterous. When you read the pages of history, millions have suffered century after century on exchange rate of interest rate of the Judeo-Christian beliefs of penance to make their God multibillion justification vindicator of rationalization of injustice in in other words the scales are in the favour of unrelenting punitive capitalist. I would never wish any soul to endure torture because of one man sin is intemperance for infinite unconditional consciousness. The statute of eye for eye could have equalled the scales of justice when Abel died at the hands of his brother if you use the bible golden standard of law in the old testament. These statements may trigger the believer consensus, but the original sin doctrine was embellished in Augustine’s theory. The Christian church was corrupted by Constantine abuse of politics and religion dictating the monopoly of the masses during their life and even when they die.

This may alienate some readers on the reality of how religious or other beliefs can suffocate the eternal consciousness part of the self. From my own personal experience if I persisted in my cognitive dissonance with the burden of sin wrapped around my awareness, I would have had the beginning of psychosis and related psychological issues.

The light of truth in my perception is the infinite is not constricted by manmade rules of subsidiary prefects of existence just to please it. The division of the self can infringe from the external idealisation of others not just religious but other outdated philosophies.

Forgiveness is taught in mainstream Religions throughout the world. For further information good site that reviews teachings at promoting forgiveness at its core.

The irony in forgiveness, a person can’t forgive others until they forgive themselves with unconditional love. The culprit for this consequence is the ego who loves control and is afraid of the unknown. The ego elevates its limiting perspective as a survival mechanism at the cost of enjoying the love that flourishes throughout the universe with no cost to both percipients. The ego adulation of prestige and prominence is another survival mechanism. The social brain conditions the community affect of sustainability by conforming the ego again as a slave or master not as an equal in the community. Remember you are not your thoughts, concepts, or status, you are part of the universal consciousness not a division of this or that.

When you discover that its ok to be who you want to be at a core level the shackles and burdens of guilt, shame, and sorrow dissolve. To become authentic is to remove all barriers to transcend to the real dimension of who you are. The negative should, must, are judgements that cause tension and restrict your perspective to gain your full potential. Conversely forgiving self by being present allows the universal love and compassion to flow into your awareness. Let’s reframe this statement rationally and logically. The only real you right now are at this present time.

The body changes it never stays the same, for example over 3.8 million new cells are replenished every second.

A 100 billion neurons are firing off 5-50 messages (action potentials) per second.

The human body contains around 37 billion cells there were about (37 x 21 zeros) chemical reactions, taking place every second.

The reality from a human perspective you or the ego is not in complete control it is all an illusion. On top of this is, the instincts, behaviours, environment etc are driving and keeping you alive. Holding onto guilt and shame only slows down and disfigures your perception of reality.

You are wonderful
you are awesome
you are amazing
you are beautiful
you are so incredible
you are lovable
you are phenomenal
you are inspiring
This is the real you a reflection in one small iota of the infinite. Use forgiveness to unlock compassion. Remember this saying this week and beyond “To Forgive all our errors is to forgive the world with compassion”

The Law of Attraction is Your Higher self

“Touch reality with the soul of your desire”


The aspects of our reality can be confined by many dogmas and philosophies. The example of Aristotle and Plato conflicting ideas of reality is just one example how great thinkers have opposing views and perceptions. Western philosophy is based in essence on materialist perspective that all reality is a form matter, and thus all things in Aristotle’s world are material as the only logical perspective nothing else. This paved the way of traditional science that hasn’t shifted its stance for about 2000 years on dualistic perspective from the observer. This has helped civilisations to measure and quantify a reality of the obvious, but the theory crashes when it comes to quantum physics. I may explain this in another discussion. I love science and philosophy, but the danger comes when perspectives are set in stone with an overall limiting perspective of the complete picture.


Added to what many populaces believe has been indoctrinated for 1000, s of years by the tyrannical religious systems forcing the masses to view their reality and conform or die a heretic. From a rational mind, how can either science or religion define the infinite to be conclusive of what the unseen reality really is, not knowing from a human dimension. It is impossible to have absolute truths or the theory of everything because of the unknown. Dark matter appears to outweigh visible matter, ratio approximately 6.1, that is about 27% of the universe (that we know of so far). The matter Aristotle mentions in his theory as the only reality of what we know is including all matter as stars and galaxies only accounts for 5% of the content of the universe (that we know of so far).


In my quest for answers, I haven’t thrown all science and religious ideas to one side as preposterous because there are threads of truth in their many perspectives. Look at the evidence as humanity progressed with scientific advancements. Religious icons have enveloped the needs of humanity with compassion and love.


What about the higher self-theories? A principle on transcendence is” Accept the whole self, not just the best self”. What is the whole self is there more than that what meets the eye? The tendency is to put our best attributes to the world as the authentic self not realising that is what others want to see and hear. A great tool I have learnt on one course was the anagram of W.A.I.T. this is great reminder to evaluate the ego part of the self which is not the higher self. Wait translates to “Why am I telling?” The introjects and projections of egos love the centre stage. I am aware of my ego and as limited human being; my ego will inflate the perception of what it thinks it should say and be to be accepted at times. If you notice your ego manifesting your needs as projections or cognitive dissonance as a introject is natural, so don’t be too hard on yourself, remember, accept the whole self, not just the best self”.



“Touch reality with the soul of your desire” is what everyone really wants from a higher self regardless of if you are an atheist, scientist, religious missionary, or even severally disabled individual. Problem with perceived wants, needs and desires from earthly perspective we can be fooled that this is the reason of our existence. The most important part of who we are is not constricted to just matter, there is another dimension. Some say it is a spiritual side, or consciousness. The aspect of reality in Aristotelian thinking can’t embrace the higher self because it can’t measure it or see it. A higher self, God, or whatever label it, is humanity spiritual being as a fundamental foundation for sound mental health. There are many reasons from science and experiences explains the essence of another part of the self that is not in matter. One rational reason why there is different dimensions of the self is the ego. Here is an example: Who or what is the voice in our head? At the same time, we can hear the ideas from a different perspective, it can be the decision maker or breaker. The mediator watches words or ideas float by their awareness, so who watching who, that makes at least two in our mind.


The word psychoanalysis is core of all psychological theories, all have different perspective of course. One resource explained the word ”In 1640s, called “animating spirit, the human spirit or mind, “is from Latin psyche, from Greek psyche “the soul, mind, spirit; life, one’s life, the invisible animating principle or entity which occupies and directs the physical body; understanding, the mind (as the seat of thought), faculty of reason,” also “ghost, spirit of a dead person;” probably akin to psykhein “to blow, breathe,” also “to cool, to make dry.”


Law of attraction does not work through the human vehicle body as the earthly self. If this was the case everyone on the planet would manifest effortlessly just by desire. There must be another dimension or component that is vital part of the equation. I will endeavour to Illustrate it: You ask a friend to post a letter for you. They walk to the mailing company and give them the letter on your behalf. Your friend didn’t personally carry the letter to the address, they left it for the mailing company to deliver. The letter arrives at its destination as desired. Did your friend personally do all the work, no, there was another factor involved the mailing company. In a similar fashion the higher self is the friend who delivers the letter, and the universal consciousness is the mailing company. The higher self is the one who decides to deliver the letter or not. The earthly agent or self, asks and leaves the rest to the higher self and universe to manifest if it wishes. Like any good friend you don’t question or worry about their responsibility, just believe they will do it. If you have love for your friend, never be harsh if things don’t go your way for not posting your letter or desire. The Irony in this story is, the friend is a part of you, your eternal Higher self or the popular word expressed as soul.


Imagine your higher self (it is aptly named) knows what is best for you as a human during this lifetime on earth. The secret to unlocking the Law of attraction is to muse in your mind an idea of what you would like with no strings attached. Imagine a child wants to drive a car fast without no real thought of the consequences, would you as higher being think it be appropriate for the young child to drive? Thinking of possibilities that are from a place of love is another important ingredient. The higher self loves you more than you will ever know as earthly human being, so with compassion the higher self will not send that letter or desires in the post.


The interesting experiences I have had are so random and bizarre my puny human brain would never have figured out what to do at the right time. I don’t believe in predestination but believe that allowing the higher self to guide us takes the effort out of life by not over thinking. The universal consciousness wants to expand its perception of reality through life in us. I am very much interested in Chinese philosophy that deconstructs the dogmas of western civilisations, a refreshing way to look at the universe and reality. Here is one example from the Dao De Jing that gives another dimension to the Law of attraction. The Dao can mean many different things but in simple terms I would say at times it can mean the higher self. Now read this passage and see how the law attraction Higher self is like the Dao. I have put my perspective in the brackets.



Great Dao is like a flood!    (Abundance)

It can flow left or right. (Everywhere it can flow)


The ten thousand creatures depend on it for life, (effortless in providing)

It doesn’t reject them.  (No ideology required just pure heart)

It completes its task but takes no name.  (Miracles)


It clothes and supports the ten thousand creatures, (cares about humanity)

But is not their master.   (Its impartial)


Have no desire.   (Use your heart and soul not the Ego to manifest)

It can be called insignificant.    (One thought is energy)


The ten thousand creatures return, but it is not their master, (Abundance)

It can be called great.    (Awe of Higher self and the Dao)


In the end it doesn’t make itself great, (Dao doesn’t need worship)

And so, it achieves greatness.     (Law of attraction is the Dao in action)



In conclusion to be aligned with your higher self is to unlock the potential life your desire from the core of who you are the higher self. Dropping the earthly ego part of your existence the desires you can manifest is by touching reality with the soul of your desire.

Mystical life reduces fear

My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”Nicola Tesla

The quest for knowledge and learning has been a pursuit of many influential individuals through the centuries sharing their insights and passions of what resonated with them and sharing with us. I have admiration and respect to those who challenged the common philosophies of the time even at the threat of death. The uncertainty of life has been a topic that religions, science and world rulers have sought to conquer with a passionate heart. The dogmatism sadly over spilled and caused the ruination of innocent bystanders with the destruction of habitats , resources and the souls of children, women and fearless men.The universal quest for who is right has caused narrow misery and stagnation of growth in the sciences, religion and governments. I don’t want start a revolution in the sea of humanity but a revolution in a person heart and soul to embrace compassion as the foundation of personal experience. As I was writing that sentence it reminded me of a Beatles song revolution , here’s part of the song

“You say you’ll change the constitution
Well, you know
We’d all love to change your head
You tell me it’s the institution
Well, you know
You better free your mind instead”

The most influential band of all time I would say is the Beatles , I am not an avid fan myself but have an infinity to Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album. The band are known for experimenting with drugs that can initiate mystical experiences. The band had their roots in religious connections as children that steered them to explore other religious experiences later in life. The fame, riches and notoriety didn’t turn them into ghosts of fearful skeptics of reality but inspired them to write fantastic lyrical content. John Lennon iconic song Imagine touches the soul that most humans would love to embrace.

The mystical experiences has caused humanity to transcend bitterness and hate enveloping the creativity of amazing feats of the human species. The quote by Nicola Tesla “My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists” recognised that point. From an early age Tesla was hit with tragedy with the death of his brother. The contribution Tesla made is remarkable with his pursuit of learning and creating new concepts and inventions despite his setbacks in life.

The mystic is open to the unknown and unleashes their creative powers of perception to a greater reality. The experience of flow takes the human experience where time and precepts dissolve. Nicola Tesla was a genius especially in the field of light, working for Edison and I would say obsessed with energy in all its forms. From a mystical experience an energy in form of knowledge came to him from a powerful beam of light through the eyes of a bird he said. Tesla said the light was intense; it was brilliant to the point of being dazzling, – and white. It was more powerful, he explained, than any light he had ever produced in his laboratory. I would say he had an mystical revelation of impending death of a close connection with his close companion a pigeon. This seems ludicrous but remember Tesla led a solitary life that enabled him to be focused. His connection with a regular visitor of humble origin was a distraction and comfort for him from a psychological perspective. I recognise this in the pet industry where the animals have elevated position in a lonely person life whatever the cost. The bonding of pets transcends the relationships of many estranged relationships of humans forming this unlikely connection with an animal.(I have dog and he was angel to my dying wife providing comfort and solace.) The pigeon is a worldwide species found in parks , cities and the wild. Their close relative the dove is in many mystical writings even in the bible saying Gods spirit descended upon Jesus at his baptism as a dove.

The creativity of a person is a fundamental need for a person to reach their full potential. The opposite to creative is infertile ,unproductive , and uninspired. The stagnant or apathetic approach from a psychological perspective leads to anxiety, depression and fear. Mystical life of the unknowing from a reductionist perspective can cause fear for the skeptic.To measure and correlate events is impossible from quantum to all knowing throughout the universe because the unknown cant be isolated or fixed in time because we just don’t know. The fear of absolute from empirical analysis cant always come to the same conclusions in predictions and estimations . In science we have our limits of understanding but with a creative mindset it unlocks infinite possibilities of the unknowing not cramping the outlook. The ridged expectations of materialist can cause anxiety believing a person has all the data , power and resources when results in life don’t go to fruition. I am not against science but to be dismissing or not being open minded to other unknown realities limits intellectual and creative possibilities.

I did a quick google trends since 2004 till present day 6th January 2022 to see what the data said about common search questions. I played around with different words but in my analysis the two words that probably be a good measure on a person mind : Death and God.

Im not a scientist but the data showed in April 2020 the impact of Covid on the internet search engine google. About half of the world’s population was under some form of lockdown, with more than 3.9 billion people in more than 90 countries or territories having been asked or ordered to stay at home by their governments. The uncertainty definitely triggered a lot of individuals realties about death and God. I remember the emotional stress on me, it caused me to break away from the dogma of my belief system I had from a childhood as cognitive dissonance. The fear can cause tremendous mental health complications because the human brain hates (the ego) uncertainty because it believes its going to die.

Mystical experiences doesn’t always mean you have walk on water or have a vision. The picture of a mystic for many thinks it is ascetic life and is only way to enlightenment but that is not rational to true. The self discipline and mastery helps transcend the ego fight of animalistic pursuits. The balance in nature is the reflection of enlightenment and mystical experience. The awe experience transcends all materialistic endeavours of pleasure. For example the inspiring sunsets , the beautiful moonlight and the smile of a stranger can invoke an experience from within. The performance and wonders of human expression in the arts fills the void of nothingness. To conceptualise the awe experience is difficult to translate in words but you recognise the feeling of the all in the awe. The soul or the authentic or higher self what ever you desire to call it recognise the creativity in nature and human expression as it connects to the experience manifested in our human conscousness.

The mind of human consciousness is connected to the universal consciousness if you allow it. Removing all judgements of what is and what is not allows the mind to embrace the higher conscious of the real self. Imagine telling a child you cant eat chocolate who’s never tasted it and putting a judgement on it. The child will believe that chocolate is something to avoid because mummy told me. Fast forward ten years and the child is an adult and is told by a new friend “I love chocolate and I cant live without it”. The curiosity of a child is always deep within our soul but lifetime of others judgments stops the experience if we are not aware. The higher consciousness wants to experience life to grow and learn. The chocolate or mystical experience available for all to experience but the choice is up to the individual.

The irony of stopping fear in its tracks is what all mystics practice , meditation. Quieting the mind takes on new dimensions of peace and stillness. The other irony I would say is a blessing by having awareness that our consciousness is connected to greater source that dissipates all fear. The construction of fear is a mental construct believing that we are in total control, so we must do this or do that or else. This creative imagination is not creative but soul annihilation. The religious organisations have taught to love thy self and others as bench mark of humanity. The legacy of past mystics were willing to die for their faith in helping others because they transcended the ego. I had a discussion with a friend and emphasised the ego can either be your friend or foe. The ego is your servant not the other way. The authentic self may be a quiet , kind and patience soul but you can use your ego to protect and help others in times of need.

In conclusion  a Mystical life reduces fear because it is not restricted by the view this is all life has to offer. The life journey of mystical life is seen in synchronicity and the feeling of compassion for humanity and self. Everyone has difficulties and challenges in life, its a part of personal development not a curse. The fear can be an opportunity to reach out to the unknown and humble the ego of the false self. Endeavour to be present to the callings in your realty and awaken to the possibilities of miracles happening in your life and others. Finally love your authentic self and the fear of tomorrow will turn into the joy of life.


Religion influence on Art : Part one Christianity Birth

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“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Pablo Picasso


The Religious Art of Pablo Picasso is an irony because he was an atheist despite being baptized a Catholic. There is a book on the topic that I haven’t read yet, but  one of many on my list. There is a review on Goodreads if you are interested.


I am passionate about the renaissance art due to its abundance of prolific artists thanks to the church commissions. One reference said “The governance structures that supported and protected this economic growth—aristocrats, guilds, and monastics—used artistic patronage to reinforce social structures fundamental to civic sustainability: loyalty to family, church, and city/state. Kings, popes, princes, cardinals, poets, and humanists, as well as cathedrals, convents, and monasteries—all sorts of patrons shaped Renaissance artistic culture by engaging artists to fulfil their commissions. A continual supply of patrons ensured a continual supply of artists and artistic workshops, and craft flourished”


In this post I will focus on early Christianity influence on art because that is probably the most extensive and prevaricating art that I am familiar with. The opulence and emotional forces in this time had tremendous hold on the art in Europe. Before the enlightening period of reason the catholic church had monopoly in procuring and enforcing their ideologies upon the unlettered masses.


Europe had been under unrest for centuries with the great divide of east and west. One source simply put it this way “The advantages of the Eastern Roman Empire, variously known as the Byzantine Empire or Byzantium, was able to survive for centuries after the fall of Rome.( lessor skirmishes of neighbouring states until Ottoman invasion)

Though Byzantium was ruled by Roman law and Roman political institutions, and its official language was Latin, Greek was also widely spoken, and students received education in Greek history, literature, and culture.(Hence influence)



Orthodox Christian church in the east developed for the communities in contrast to the Catholicism as religion for the people in the west. One source said aptly “Eventually, while the Eastern Churches maintained the principle that the Church should keep to the local language of the community, Latin became the language of the Western Church.”


The Catholic church grew to be a powerful entity with unlimited resources and power that influenced the great artist in Europe. The intoxication of political alliances strengthened the countries of France and Italy as sibling rivalry. The novel I have been am working is called “The New adventures of the Musketeers Searching for the Sacred eye” (all going to plan it will be available next Christmas)highlights west hold . Brief video outlying the struggle in Europe with the State and church fighting against mysticism and the Renaissance artist on a previous post.



There is very little original art from the first 3 centuries of Christianity because it hadn’t integrated fully until Constantine became a believer. The early Christians were persecuted and treated as a mystical cult that spread under the divisions of small groups in secrecy often. A picture of Christ painted on a wood panel dating back to the 6th century is unique piece early Christian art. Because of copyright I will put link so you can see the picture for yourself.


In the east of Europe Icons where the main source of early byzantine art “sacred images representing the saints, Christ, and the Virgin, as well as narrative scenes such as Christ’s Baptism (2013.980a–d) and Crucifixion. While today the term is most closely associated with wooden panel painting, in Byzantium icons could be crafted in all media, including marble, ivory, ceramic, gemstone, precious metal, enamel, textile, fresco, and mosaic.”


Duccio di Buoninsegna Italian artist prior to Renaissance. His style was like Byzantium early art. I love the comment the National gallery said about influence of Mary on his work “Byzantine Mary is made softer, more fluid, and volumetric in Duccio’s hands. Religious currents of the time may have affected her transformation—increasingly influential mendicant Franciscan and Dominican preachers espoused an empathetic, humanistic understanding of Christ’s life and sufferings.”

The emergence of early Christian art has its irony as Picasso said “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” Instead of having inner glow of art squeezing the heart gently , the threat of the church was convincing the masses of liberation of their souls only through the church.




The light of Consciousness: Science meets Spirituality

The light of Consciousness: Science meets Spirituality

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” Carl Jung



The essence of life can be conceptualised from various perspectives. The interpretation of life can be translated from art, science, philosophy, religions and from personal experiences etc. This is just a limited view because emotional undertones will influence what a person understands and the egoic precepts that the mind projects out before our eyes can filter what we actually perceive.


Reflection and stillness can help the observer discriminate their conscious thoughts float by focusing on what the eyes see. I endeavour to practice this on Sunday mornings as a kind of meditation after I awake. Sitting down looking outside at the world around me in peace . I am grateful that there are trees and the beautiful birds flying across my horizon from my window. For a few moments I was looking at small Turdus merula or common name a blackbird. The bird was looking at me and I felt the bird was aware of my presence. That took me to the thought “I wonder what it is thinking, and I tried to connect to its consciousness. Before I  proceeded with my experiment the bird flew away. This took my mind to the big questions in life or down a rabbit hole. I know birds are conscious with their instinctual behaviour and discovering in the past the quantum affects the birds consciousness. (in previous post, several articles I have written on consciousness Relating to birds’ awareness one article said:” University of Tübingen in Germany, lends still more insight into the avian brain, suggesting that birds have some ability for sensory consciousness—subjective experiences in which they recall sensory experiences.”


This enquiry led me to the next random thought what is the largest or most influential force in our known universe. I personally believe it is consciousness and during my reflection it came into my awareness while looking outside in the garden and beyond. The birds are consciousness, the tree must be conscious to interact with the environment. At this substrate I would say that everything in the known universe is conscious at some level and its how you define consciousness. For my perspective consciousness is in humans but many are not subjectively aware of it but objectively it is there. Panpsychism is similar philosophy of universal consciousness, but from what I understand the definition of consciousness as organised levels in the minds of things not necessarily specified by awareness.Rupert Sheldrake defines it as Morphic Resonance and the Collective Unconscious.

Religions and cultures for thousand of years had this idea of a universal consciousness.

On my search for what has the greatest impact or influence from a scientific perspective lead me to few possibilities. I knew the 4 common forces in physics, are gravity, weak nuclear force, Electromagnetic force, and the strong force.  In my research I came across another fascinating article about Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall. This is the biggest structure known in the universe of group of galaxies bound together by gravity. These galaxies can be observed by the light of the Gamma rays emanating from the structures of the stars. My conclusion led me to believe that gravity was most influential force by logic and light had a part in the story, but I was slightly wrong.

The correct answer has to do with size and distance of the force relating to the object, it was not as simple as I thought. The next question I had to correlate how does quantum relate to this? Conundrum of different states or possibilities doesn’t make sense from first investigation. (wished I had degree in Physics, wasted youth lol) The answer is Quantum electrodynamics (QED) Britannica online explains it definition  as:  Quantum electrodynamics theory of the interactions of charged particles with the electromagnetic field. It describes mathematically not only all interactions of light with matter but also those of charged particles with one another.  A simple video explaining how light of Einstein theory related to this in a short video. . Here my simple observation. Light is the connection between the ultimate gigantic galaxies to the infinite small particle in nuclear physics throughout known universe. It travels in light waves of vibration or packets of energy( spoiler for Law of Attraction fans) as Einstein said are photons of light.


The quandary of light being a wave, or a particle is not answered but I do like Britannica answer” No single answer to the question “What is light?” satisfies the many contexts in which light is experienced, explored, and exploited.  The experience of a little knowledge can be used to exploit others is enlightening (I couldn’t resist the pun) The history of science is a useful tool for humanity but its never conclusive and subjective because we don’t have the Theory of Everything( If we did might as well move onto the next level). The last 100 years science has radically changed the landscape of our lives in realty with clear manifestations of progress. The interesting perspective that religious contagion has had sparks of light (pun intended)for thousands of years.

The complete doctrine based on Christ teachings focus on the concept of light and its properties relating to humans.  There are other religious teachings where light is focused on as core to spirituality.


Christianity John 8:12 Then Jesus said, “I am[a] light to the world, and those who embrace me will experience life-giving light, and they will never walk in darkness.”


Judaism philosophy about light “Light is the overarching, central, definitive metaphor for Jewish understanding of all of reality”


Islam “Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His light is that of a niche, in which there is a lamp; the lamp is in a glass – the glass looks like a brilliant star – it is lit by (the oil of) a blessed tree, the olive, which is neither eastern, nor western. Its oil is about to emit light even though the fire has not touched it – (it is) light upon light. Allah guides to His light whomsoever He wills; Allah describes examples for the people, and Allah knows everything well.,84,17,26,101,20,85,18,95,19,22,28


Hinduism “That is the light even among all the lights, and it has been spoken of as beyond darkness. It is knowledge, that which is to be known, and the goal of knowledge. It especially resides in the hearts of all.



Buddhism “If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path.” (Irony of meditation you are encouraged to shut the eyes to light to become enlightened by experience and wisdom)


Light of Consciousness: Eckhart Toile


Science Philosophy1 million years after the Big Bang, temperatures cool sufficiently to allow hydrogen- and helium-neutral atoms to form from the plasma (charged particles). This event freed up radiation that was previously contained in thermal equilibrium with matter. Since then, radiation and matter have gone their own ways. When astronomers observe the cosmic ray background, they are looking at photons released from the big bang when radiation and matter became uncoupled.”



Life needs light. You could write a book with overwhelming empirical evidence that a fundamental component of consciousness at its different levels, light has to present to function. The plants use light in photosynthesis, animals need energy in form of light as electromagnetic waves etc.


Humans are beacons of light. Again, you could write a book on the different systems human have and use in the electromagnetic forms of light. We have receptors on the skin, in the eyes and in the brain that receive the different forms of light and so forth.


Consciousness aspect of light(energy) I’m proposing that light in its various forms is intrinsic part of consciousness. Einstein said you can’t destroy energy and in a similar view you can’t destroy consciousness. The complexity of the universal systems that we apparently take for granted is held together as one complete unit with its amazing cooperation’s from the infinite to finite groups to produce life as we know it.


Can you measure consciousness? One research paper said “Consciousness can only be measured through first-person reports, which raises problems about the accuracy of first-person reports, the possibility of non-reportable consciousness and the causal closure of the physical world




In conclusion Carl Jung said it aptly As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”



Opening The Mind To Mysticism

“Theologians may quarrel, but the mystics of the world speak the same language. Meister Eckhart

Transformation of who we are and what we believe originates with our personal experiences and access of knowledge. The door to open the mind has many locks to discover the real self because of many substrates of biological and psychological systems. This is may appear as a hindrance on the path to enlightenment and personal growth. Thankfully the mind has a built in systems to protect the self because the organism would be in psychosis. The skeptic adds another alarm to their mind shielding them from the opportunity of a bliss and peace of religious mystical experiences. The acquiesce of mysticism is not ordained or a career path that an individual chooses to experience by booking an appointment. The mystery of the experiences are not delineated in the dualistic society of science and materialism. Some individuals have one episodic transformation while others have many enilightening experiences at random occasions. Further exploration can be found in the great book by William James “The Varieties of Religious Experience” from a psychological professor who documents the data as one of Harvards great thinkers

Wade Rowatt, PhD makes this interesting comment about religious intolerance hinders opportunity tread on the path:” Like other forms of intolerance and prejudice, religious intolerance and prejudice are likely byproducts of how human brains process perceived threats, subsequent emotional reactions, worldview defense and self-regulation ability. For example, human minds very quickly categorize individuals into social groups, some of which evoke unjustified fears or disgust reactions. Both religion and prejudice can increase security and comfort in a natural and social world full of imagined or real threats and dangers.” read more

Knowledge is important aspect in understanding others religious experiences even if we haven’t had or seen any mystical experiences. History is littered with many examples regardless of age, gender and nationality making it a common thread of humanity. The major religious institutions founders had mystical experiences that often were dismissed as demon possessed or a heretic. The mystics were wiling to burn to death for their intrinsic experiences. Knowledge of new ideas are uncomfortable for the human brain because core beliefs have been a reliable source of information for decades and change hard to assimilate.

The Open Mind better than a fixed mind because it becomes a lazy mind that can cause havoc. The author James Clear on his blog interviews Carol Dweck a researcher at Stanford University, she said “fixed mindset students believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents, are just fixed traits. They have a certain amount and that’s that, and then their goal becomes to look smart all the time and never look dumb. In a growth mindset students understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching and persistence. They don’t necessarily think everyone’s the same or anyone can be Einstein, but they believe everyone can get smarter if they work at it.” read more

Compassionate heart is essential to unlock the door of opportunity to mystical experiences. I have had several overwhelming experiences and the theme of unconditional love and compassion filled my soul as the message for me personally and share with others. I share one experience in brief and its in my book Law of Attraction Life Patterns: The Templates of Your Life  available on Amazon if you’re interested

The experienced happened early morning on Monday 7th August 2017 ,  it must of been about 2 am. The previous day my darling wife died of cancer in hospital at 11 am.  She had been suffering with cancer and the last week of her life, she was in hospital. Basically the cancer was so aggressive and the new treatment was killing her. Sunday morning I had quickly go to hospital leaving 4 kids at home, she could hardly talk. Consultant said she was bleeding internally and it was only matter of hours before she would pass on. She said she has seen someone and everything will be fine , it was either hallucination or religious experience because confined to her bed. I told her to go(die) and and said a pray out-loud and watched her body shut done. It was an horrific experience but I was so peaceful holding her hand and my prayer till this day felt I was speaking like an angel, pretty weird(best prayer ever I have saidsaid,it it just flowed like a sonnet by Shakespeare). The team came rushing in to revive her but I said she has gone and we were both at complete peace. I will Go back to the early hours of Monday morning of the story, the first time in 21 plus years I slept alone. I woke up and was in a trance or a state of shock , I was in a deep dark well or cave with no way out , it felt like I was dying or trapped somewhere but a bright light and a clear voice with a warm sensation came all over me and said “You will be ok Steve” it felt like the worst feeling I have ever had and the most reassuring feeling at the same time, truly miraculous.

Meditation has been my saving grace and the universal consciousness has been flickered now and then for me. Meditation opens the mind and heart to synchronise the unity of the soul for opportunities for mystical experiences.It heightens your perceptions of reality and awareness in everyday life to ultra 4K at times. The stress of modern day living vanquishes our resources of time to open the soul for reflection and engagement with the spiritual existence of life. Regardless of spiritual practices the different forms of rituals can trigger or prepare the mind to engulf mystical experiences. For example one reference says “Mystical experiences can also be induced voluntarily. Trance states can be brought about by many forms of concentrative meditation that fix attention monotonously, such as mantras,Buddhist samadhi (Sanskrit: “total self-collectedness”), Sufi dhikr (Arabic: “reminding oneself”), the Eastern Orthodox Jesus Prayer (a mental invocation of the name of Jesus Christ), and staring at a crystal, a burning flame etc.” read more

In conclusion:Opening The Mind To Mysticism is a personal journey and its validation is in the experience not the written text. Logically you cant say to anyone your not in love because we cant explicitly sense their world of reality and what right do we have from a subjective experience say their experience wasn’t subjective that’s lunacy from a scientific approach.  To wrap it all up succinctly there is a great video below to watch






Cambridge dictionary defines Mysticism “The belief that there is hidden meaning in life or that each human being can unite with God”



Britannica says “mysticism, the practice of religious ecstasies (religious experiences during alternate states of consciousness), together with whatever ideologies, ethics, rites, myths, legends, and magic may be related to them.”




Abraham Maslow said mystical experience was a peak experience of a self-actualizing individual or Carl Jung expression was individuation. In today layman terms I would say when a person reaches or touches the authentic true self. These experiences have been a universal phenomenon that has occurred for centuries. The experiences from my perspective embraces consciousness or cosmic consciousness with different levels of realisation or enlightenment pertaining to self.


The religious icons through the ages who were mystics often persecuted for their beliefs. The heresy in the dark ages burnt witches, heretics, and the like for opposing the traditional concept of God and reality. Baruch Spinoza was excommunicated for his perceived ideas at a vey young age. One of the precursors from his experience and from Maslow exploration of experiencing the true self is through knowledge not tainted by prejudice or dogma.


The trepidation of science and sceptics from my insights have replaced many mainstream religious institutions with nonsensical fear of the unknown. From my previous experience of being brainwashed with fear tactics of a religious cult for decades strangled my perception of what the real self is. Materialistic preoccupation in western cultures engulfs a person rich inner world of who they are. Again, by my experience I had no time to read, explore and reflect on the richness of life. Rupert Sheldrake is an eminent scientist who was an atheist for many years but transcended into the reality of a new perception of life.


The mind has limitless potential in cognitive, emotional, and especially spiritual development. The mind can be the master of your destiny by other concepts, or YOU can be the master of YOUR mind by challenging your perception and experiences. The mind loves validation and approval from others to keep it safe. But if you want to explore the colour of the universal platform of delights, you may experience ridicule and animosity from the ignorant. The mystics in the past had to endure much but the prize they received was while on earth living their authentic self, releasing the soul identity for who and what it is.


Abraham Maslow mentions characteristics he researched traits of mystic. The information taken from the book Transcend by Scott Barry Kaufman. I would say the book is a must if you want to go to the next level in your journey of personal development.


Mystic Traits


1: Complete absorption

2: Richer perception

3: Disorientation in physical time and space

4: Intrinsic reward of the experience

5: Ego transcendence

6: Dichotomy transcendence

7: Momentary loss of fears, anxieties, and inhibitions

8: Greater acceptance and forgiveness of oneself and others

9: Heightened aestheticism, wonders, awe, and surrender

10: Fusion of the person and the world



The experiences of mystics are well documented throughout history with their contribution to the sea of knowledge and understanding. They can be found in many different religious societies shedding light from their enlightening perspective. Here are few examples


Mystics in history

Francis of Assisi = Catholic

Rumi (Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī) = Muslim

Sri Aurobindo = Hindu

Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) = Many Zen Buddhist are mystics

William Blake = Protestant



Next post ideas on how to open the doors to becoming a mystic in the modern era.




Quantum Consciousness – Personal Consciousness – Collective Consciousness (Part one)

“Either death is a state of nothingness and utter consciousness, or, as men say, there is a change and migration of the soul from this world to another. Now if death be of such a nature, I say that to die is to gain; for eternity is then only a single night.” ~ Plato

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ Carl Jung

“The evolutionary impulse is towards disidentification from thinking and the arising of awareness or presence, but the gravitational pull of the old consciousness, or rather unconsciousness, is still quite heavy. It’s been around for thousands of years.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

“Consciousness creates our realty but what came first? Realty or Consciousness? Consciousness knows the answer, but realty will question it” Steve Hyne

Consciousness definition from the second edition (1989): Oxford English Dictionary

1.Joint or mutual knowledge.

2. (Also in early use, consciousness to oneself.) Internal knowledge or conviction; knowledge as to which one has the testimony within oneself; esp. of one’s own innocence, guilt, deficiencies, etc.

3.The State or fact of being mentally conscious or aware of anything.

4. The State or faculty of being conscious, as a condition and concomitant of all thought, feeling, and volition; ‘the recognition by the thinking subject of its own acts or affections’

The dictionary further explains consciousness in other aspects relating to human perception. The sheer array of peripheral knowledge will fill volumes of research from scientific , philosophical, religious and cultural resources that will blow the mind (pun intended). The objective of a person’s reality comes from their own  consciousness, and it has limiting meanings from their knowledge , beliefs and experience are just few variables of a person interpretations. 

You could say my own personal consciousness is like monster who wants to devour the knowledge of everything. It wants to explain why, where how etc. Through my limited knowledge and experience, probably confuse many readers. What drugs is he on you may say, hence I have not taken that route to experience consciousness at that level. I am aware of my ego is driving my thirst for knowledge, but I have the opportunity and fascination of a child who questions everything. On that point of the Ego Carl Jung says, the Ego is the centre of consciousness but that is for another discussion. What I am saying in simple terms : This is my perspective and like any scientific model it may be in fashion today ( probably sound crazy to some individuals) and tomorrow it be outdated and absurd, but that’s not important for me. Expression of ideas causes the expansion of global consciousness in a positive way towards evolution of it.

As a fan of Quantum , the nerd in me likes to go beyond the obvious and like a child, the imagination of my mind (Personal consciousness is in awe ). Quantum entanglement defies the rational mind of correlation on a purely obvious perspective, which I love. For example, electrons can influence other electrons in quantum entanglement. The Paradox, electrons in  realty it can travel faster than the speed of light. Also, the observer can either influence the result of the two electrons. The Point of Quantum we still don’t fully understand how it works and why it breaks all conventional rules of science.

Many Eastern religions don’t identify with the concept of a lot of western religious traditions of a separate consciousness called God. Chinese philosophy is one of my passions, it has the idea that everything is connected. For example, reading Dao De Ching the first chapter says

“The Dao that can be spoken is not the eternal Dao. 

The name that can be named is not the eternal name.

Nameless, the beginning of heaven and earth. 

Named ,the mother of ten thousand things.”

It is very difficult to translate the original message to English because Chinese words or symbols are like the Arabic language a word or symbol can mean at least 4 different ideas. The expression Heaven and earth  means everything NOT TWO SEPARATE IDEAS. Very often way the earlier eastern philosophers or sages used contrast to make the complete picture or idea universal for example yin and yang means the complete of the whole. It is very different concept from western philosophy of dualism of separateness and individualism. For example, of monotheist deity breeds idea of them and us of dualism. These concepts in Buddhism , Hinduism and other eastern religions say God consciousness is everywhere manifested in millions of worlds as deities etc. Reading a martial art book recently based in china and the story was embellishing concept of consciousness in everything , for example rocks, plants , frogs all talking to the Chinese warrior. 

I believe that consciousness is not abstract realty constructed in the brain. I agree the brain is the tool to connected to consciousness. Consciousness is like the God equation where science and some religions tries to put the notion of God in a human box. That is absurd because the arguments that a greater force cannot be defined in human terms is irrational. Imagine the ant saying Australia doesn’t exist because it can’t measure or observe it. The ant lives in Iceland for example so how could it travel to Australia without knowledge or the means. The ant brain has been conditioned to survive in Iceland as its perspective. This illustrates scientific perspective is limited to the 5 senses and its present environment of binary thinking cause and effect. Rational mind is often hijacked by emotional perspectives based on unconscious biases. The ant mind could never discover Australia and explain all its diversity because of its limited form and mind with its instincts. Our reality of consciousness is from our port hole as tiny ant in the cosmos. Albert Einstein said “A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” Consciousness in my perspective is a multi-dimensional force that transcends everything we are in. The matrix is an amazing force moving continually throughout the universe.

Recently on my quest for greater understanding of many aspects of life I had interesting conversation with a scholar (a mentor) of many different fields. Learning ideas is like a jigsaw piecing the different shapes of the picture in my mind to have a new view. All knowledge must interrelate like a Jigsaw to see the depth, width, and detail of the whole. (KNOWLEDGE ISN’T JUST ACADEMIC BUT LIFE EXPERIENCE is also important to assimilate it). The concept of soul, spirit and after life has its origins in many cultures. This scholar has many degrees including anthropology. He said the soul from a biblical reference (explained the language of original Hebrew and Aramaic in biblical texts. He can read other languages including Arabic etc). The idea of the soul isn’t in the earlier biblical cannon it is a Greek concept from mythology added later especially in the Septuagint version. The original word used is spirit that basically means life force. In Chinese tradition, Indian tradition and other religions have simular idea. This spirit for me is consciousness in simplistic terms.Sacred texts used the word for the Hebrews, Chinese, Native Indians, and others to understand concept. The mechanism of life force as consciousness is also rooted in Hinduism. They believe as I have read in the Bhagavad Gita the Atman (spirit) is eternal. Connection of religious ideologies as the reference of breath as spirit. Even the Quran mentions Jesus was a spirit from Gods breathe.

Exploring breath from biological perspective is mind blowing. I remember learning a little about this about 15 years ago when I did A Level science in biology another passion of mine is the human body. I will simplify the complicated process but if you doubt an external force this might wake your conscousnes to another level. The body needs energy to survive, or it will die. From a cellular point of view every piece of the body is made of cells. (Quantum energy is another deeper level). The fuel or synthesis(production) of each cell is constructed by ATP. The construction of ATP has at least 17 different biological interactions to turn the raw materials into useable energy for the cell. One of the basic raw materials is Oxygen to build ATP collected from the respiration cycle or Breath. Even Carbon dioxide as a by product is not wasted it too can be recycled to make ATP. The science shows clearly that breath is intrinsic to life or consciousness. The average human body contains approximately 37.2 trillion cells. Now do the maths of producing energy in a homeostasis environment just from a cellular starting point. It makes the mind boggle even to comprehend existence of internal conscousnes in binary equation. The conclusion I come to : All consciousness is orchestrated by the universal consciousness of a higher source, but we can override it if we choose. For example, we can consciously stop breathing and the human body will cease to function.

In conclusion does it really matter about the essence of life? From the pages of history religion has tried to facilitate the unending questions of existence. Philosophy has peered into the great minds, but the Ego has dominated its quest. Science has ventured out to the hidden depths of uncertainty and models of perception are remodelled through history. Psychology has empowered society on how to think and why, but illusions still persist in the minds of many.  

For a final question to reflect on especially if you do can some meditation or quiet reflection: Consciousness creates our realty but what came first? Realty or Consciousness? Consciousness knows the answer, but realty will question it” Steve Hyne

Theory of Reality

By steve Hyne

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination”. John Lennon

What we see is different from other people because of many different reasons. Identical twins in case studies show clearly that they are individuals in thier own right with own views, they have their own perception. The brain is another factor on how we see the world around us. Everyone histories includes environment that shapes a person reality from ideologies and concepts imprinted on the child. The debate of nurture or nature is not definite because there is always another anomaly that science throws into the mix.

The theory of reality I believe is the foundation of a person existence and drives from biological to psychological and spiritual perspective. The film shallow Hal aptly describes how society perspective of a person external appearance defines a person is ridiculous, hence a satirical comedy to help the viewer change thier perspective to a wider view (pun intended).

For a while I have difficulty in defining consciousness for myself from scientific, Spiritual, philosophical perspective. This post is my hypothesis of theory of reality from my perspective. I know there are many similar viewpoints and I am not knowingly fabricating someone else idea. The concept I had is working progress a bit like Freudian concepts sound great but to have no concrete science at present and is difficult to prove either way.

I had problem sleeping last night my mind was working overtime. I had no conscious thought or predictive subliminal exercise before I went to sleep to keep me awake . But I will say one major influence is a book I read before I go to sleep at present is called the inflamed mind , irony you could say it inflamed my mind last night reading it. The author was reviewing Freud in part his perspective of the mind and how history is still catching up in many domains. The lightbulb moment or solidifying pertinacity idea I had :thoughts were a biological process and the mechanism is triggered by synaptic Neurones that leads to behaviour. I knew this already with many references I have read as I have passion for neuroscience. So you could say Freud was one of the founding fore fathers of the neuroscience as we know it today.

The problem I have grappled with in the past is when does consciousness enter the soul or the person. Does it happen at conception, 9 weeks and so forth. It has been a religious and ethical debate for centuries. At the other end of the spectrum when does or how does the consciousness change or dissipate to where ever at death. I know this is a hot topic for many and again, years I would of been a heretic to question the state or religious powers in question.

The famous Einstein equation E=mc2 in simple terms is the bench press for all science as we know it. Energy never dies it is converted to mass or it’s created because it comes from stored energy. The definition says interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing. The problem scientists have is defining and classifying everything in detail.

My theory of reality is that energy is consciousness, just change the Einstein equation to :
E(Consciousness)=mc2. I had this idea during my lucid dreaming, thinking , whatever you can call it. The concept that DNA are the blueprints of life and consciousness evolves into what the instructions tell consciousness to become from DNA. Intelligent energy you could say ,in a simple illustration every house in UK has electric appliances and the energy or electrical energy makes the stereo or television alive. Added to that illustration everything in that house is connected by a ring main despite each application being independent. I believe that the whole universe and many other philosophers and scientists say everything is connected. This is another reason why I believe in the Law of attraction principles.

In summary of this short hypothesis of my perception on reality we are alive by a consciousness that was there before our bodies existed and the same energy will continue when our bodies die because of entropy. Added to this fascinating debate , I had with my 16 year daughter today. We live in an infinite universe so the chances that there are many versions of our realty in many other universes. How we define our reality is our own personal gift and in Sufism there is no truth apart from your own personal truth and everything is the truth , that is another deep question to reflect on for the intellectuals. Confucius said in Analects 1:1 “Is it not a joy to learn with constant effort and application” To learn about our self and reality is only realty we will know.

By Steve Hyne