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Law of Attraction compassion video

This time of year we are reminded of the celebration of light and life in all its different religious festive delights from Jewish, Christian, pagan and mystics etc. The year for many probably had its challenges along its way navigating life. The gift we can all give to ourselves is compassion unconditionally then we can let go of limiting beliefs that stops or holds the pain of yesterday and tomorrow. Compassion is in the famous story by Charles Dickens,Scrooge who forgot about his humanity and what it means to enjoy the real existence as a human on earth. Enjoy the video and love yourself then you can love the world with all its beauty of different shapes, sizes ,colours and querks.

Widower and Single parent video series avaliable

Free video series available of OVER 80 minutes commentary by myself on my journey as a widower and single parent. I found some archives, first hand experience and advice help those especially men raising children after death of their spouse.Its been 4 years now and hopefully upload new videos soon to help you understand and maybe useful for someone you know in a similar situation. The topics include: Isolation as a single parent, managing your emotions. An interview with one of my children on how to deal with grief. Pain , anger and blame, maintain your child’s stress and control your thinking.

Journey of widower and single parent