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Behaviour Patterns : Core Beliefs Forgiveness

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

The root of the word forgive comes from the Latin “to give completely, without reservation”. That is easier said than done because of the complexity of human perception is underpinned by core beliefs deep in the psyche hidden from awareness. Overlaid with experiences in words, actions, observations, and even personal affect will imprint the corelation of core beliefs. Everything we are our value system in psychological terms that consists of concepts in core beliefs. The core being of who a person is, revealed how they perceive the world related to subconscious beliefs of childhood and life experiences and other factors.


The Law of Attraction is Your Higher self

“Touch reality with the soul of your desire”


The aspects of our reality can be confined by many dogmas and philosophies. The example of Aristotle and Plato conflicting ideas of reality is just one example how great thinkers have opposing views and perceptions. Western philosophy is based in essence on materialist perspective that all reality is a form matter, and thus all things in Aristotle’s world are material as the only logical perspective nothing else. This paved the way of traditional science that hasn’t shifted its stance for about 2000 years on dualistic perspective from the observer. This has helped civilisations to measure and quantify a reality of the obvious, but the theory crashes when it comes to quantum physics. I may explain this in another discussion. I love science and philosophy, but the danger comes when perspectives are set in stone with an overall limiting perspective of the complete picture.


Added to what many populaces believe has been indoctrinated for 1000, s of years by the tyrannical religious systems forcing the masses to view their reality and conform or die a heretic. From a rational mind, how can either science or religion define the infinite to be conclusive of what the unseen reality really is, not knowing from a human dimension. It is impossible to have absolute truths or the theory of everything because of the unknown. Dark matter appears to outweigh visible matter, ratio approximately 6.1, that is about 27% of the universe (that we know of so far). The matter Aristotle mentions in his theory as the only reality of what we know is including all matter as stars and galaxies only accounts for 5% of the content of the universe (that we know of so far).


In my quest for answers, I haven’t thrown all science and religious ideas to one side as preposterous because there are threads of truth in their many perspectives. Look at the evidence as humanity progressed with scientific advancements. Religious icons have enveloped the needs of humanity with compassion and love.


What about the higher self-theories? A principle on transcendence is” Accept the whole self, not just the best self”. What is the whole self is there more than that what meets the eye? The tendency is to put our best attributes to the world as the authentic self not realising that is what others want to see and hear. A great tool I have learnt on one course was the anagram of W.A.I.T. this is great reminder to evaluate the ego part of the self which is not the higher self. Wait translates to “Why am I telling?” The introjects and projections of egos love the centre stage. I am aware of my ego and as limited human being; my ego will inflate the perception of what it thinks it should say and be to be accepted at times. If you notice your ego manifesting your needs as projections or cognitive dissonance as a introject is natural, so don’t be too hard on yourself, remember, accept the whole self, not just the best self”.



“Touch reality with the soul of your desire” is what everyone really wants from a higher self regardless of if you are an atheist, scientist, religious missionary, or even severally disabled individual. Problem with perceived wants, needs and desires from earthly perspective we can be fooled that this is the reason of our existence. The most important part of who we are is not constricted to just matter, there is another dimension. Some say it is a spiritual side, or consciousness. The aspect of reality in Aristotelian thinking can’t embrace the higher self because it can’t measure it or see it. A higher self, God, or whatever label it, is humanity spiritual being as a fundamental foundation for sound mental health. There are many reasons from science and experiences explains the essence of another part of the self that is not in matter. One rational reason why there is different dimensions of the self is the ego. Here is an example: Who or what is the voice in our head? At the same time, we can hear the ideas from a different perspective, it can be the decision maker or breaker. The mediator watches words or ideas float by their awareness, so who watching who, that makes at least two in our mind.


The word psychoanalysis is core of all psychological theories, all have different perspective of course. One resource explained the word ”In 1640s, called “animating spirit, the human spirit or mind, “is from Latin psyche, from Greek psyche “the soul, mind, spirit; life, one’s life, the invisible animating principle or entity which occupies and directs the physical body; understanding, the mind (as the seat of thought), faculty of reason,” also “ghost, spirit of a dead person;” probably akin to psykhein “to blow, breathe,” also “to cool, to make dry.”


Law of attraction does not work through the human vehicle body as the earthly self. If this was the case everyone on the planet would manifest effortlessly just by desire. There must be another dimension or component that is vital part of the equation. I will endeavour to Illustrate it: You ask a friend to post a letter for you. They walk to the mailing company and give them the letter on your behalf. Your friend didn’t personally carry the letter to the address, they left it for the mailing company to deliver. The letter arrives at its destination as desired. Did your friend personally do all the work, no, there was another factor involved the mailing company. In a similar fashion the higher self is the friend who delivers the letter, and the universal consciousness is the mailing company. The higher self is the one who decides to deliver the letter or not. The earthly agent or self, asks and leaves the rest to the higher self and universe to manifest if it wishes. Like any good friend you don’t question or worry about their responsibility, just believe they will do it. If you have love for your friend, never be harsh if things don’t go your way for not posting your letter or desire. The Irony in this story is, the friend is a part of you, your eternal Higher self or the popular word expressed as soul.


Imagine your higher self (it is aptly named) knows what is best for you as a human during this lifetime on earth. The secret to unlocking the Law of attraction is to muse in your mind an idea of what you would like with no strings attached. Imagine a child wants to drive a car fast without no real thought of the consequences, would you as higher being think it be appropriate for the young child to drive? Thinking of possibilities that are from a place of love is another important ingredient. The higher self loves you more than you will ever know as earthly human being, so with compassion the higher self will not send that letter or desires in the post.


The interesting experiences I have had are so random and bizarre my puny human brain would never have figured out what to do at the right time. I don’t believe in predestination but believe that allowing the higher self to guide us takes the effort out of life by not over thinking. The universal consciousness wants to expand its perception of reality through life in us. I am very much interested in Chinese philosophy that deconstructs the dogmas of western civilisations, a refreshing way to look at the universe and reality. Here is one example from the Dao De Jing that gives another dimension to the Law of attraction. The Dao can mean many different things but in simple terms I would say at times it can mean the higher self. Now read this passage and see how the law attraction Higher self is like the Dao. I have put my perspective in the brackets.



Great Dao is like a flood!    (Abundance)

It can flow left or right. (Everywhere it can flow)


The ten thousand creatures depend on it for life, (effortless in providing)

It doesn’t reject them.  (No ideology required just pure heart)

It completes its task but takes no name.  (Miracles)


It clothes and supports the ten thousand creatures, (cares about humanity)

But is not their master.   (Its impartial)


Have no desire.   (Use your heart and soul not the Ego to manifest)

It can be called insignificant.    (One thought is energy)


The ten thousand creatures return, but it is not their master, (Abundance)

It can be called great.    (Awe of Higher self and the Dao)


In the end it doesn’t make itself great, (Dao doesn’t need worship)

And so, it achieves greatness.     (Law of attraction is the Dao in action)



In conclusion to be aligned with your higher self is to unlock the potential life your desire from the core of who you are the higher self. Dropping the earthly ego part of your existence the desires you can manifest is by touching reality with the soul of your desire.

Law of Attraction compassion video

This time of year we are reminded of the celebration of light and life in all its different religious festive delights from Jewish, Christian, pagan and mystics etc. The year for many probably had its challenges along its way navigating life. The gift we can all give to ourselves is compassion unconditionally then we can let go of limiting beliefs that stops or holds the pain of yesterday and tomorrow. Compassion is in the famous story by Charles Dickens,Scrooge who forgot about his humanity and what it means to enjoy the real existence as a human on earth. Enjoy the video and love yourself then you can love the world with all its beauty of different shapes, sizes ,colours and querks.

Spirituality and The Law of Attraction

A draft from my forth coming book

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. “Rumi

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.” Buddha

“I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.” Lao Tzu

“Enlightenment is seeing the shadow within oneself and letting go of the darkness and embracing the light” Steve Hyne

The beauty of humanity there exists so many wonderful potentials. The choice or the key to unlocking the blessings of life are abundant within the grasp of all who dare enter the cave of uncertainty. Spirituality is subjective to the reader and the world we occupy with limits of our mind. This chapter will not focus on who or what because everyone individual experience in life is unique. The journey of discovery may never happen in this lifetime for some, while others have had the personal experience from a young age. 

The idea of spiritualty is sometimes confused by being religious by practices. The root of the word spiritualty coveys the idea of who you are as a person linking it to breathe or spirit. Spirituality is an individual practice not necessarily following a group substrate of ideologies. Many of humanity spiritual leaders challenged the religious intuitions that often tied up with the politics of the time. As civilizations evolved the new direction of visionary leaders helped the oppressed and melancholy reevaluate their stance in life.

This chapter I will review some of the miracles in my life and many other experiences of others showing a correlation of belief when in tune with personal goal’s manifestations at work. I have the firm belief that the universal energy, or God, or cosmos whatever you define it is not limited by human interpretation especially in binary thinking. This is evident over the centuries and today of the many wonderful blessings or miracles that have occured in individual’s lives, communities, and nations.

The similarities of Spiritual Practices and the Law of Attraction

Prayers: Affirmations are very similar to prayers, but affirmations are more specific to what you actually want in life. Prayers have produced miracles in the past and continue today, they have power. Affirmations don’t work in changing others in a negative way as the subconscious mind can’t distinguish between you and them.  One example: A prayer in asking for help stop the abusive person or organization to stop negative treatment. A clearer way to address the same situation with a affirmation is: I love peace, I have peace of mind, I have peace in my life, I am peaceful to everyone. (I don’t condone any abusive treatment of humans or animals, but sadly a lot of what happens is out of our control. If we can’t change our circumstance’s immediately, we can focus changing our inner world).

Chants come from the Latin to sing. Chanting is a powerful tool in meditation and is practiced in many religious settings. Scripting is very similar to this ancient practice of repeating the same words and sentiments. Chants from other spiritual practices may not align with your actual manifestations and the problem with the chants different languages being used in religious mantras the subconscious brain cant assimilate it so the emotional brain will not marry the chant with this intrinsic belief of new manifestation. (This is a sensitive topic because I know mantras and chants work as a collective in foreign tongues but being more specific for individual needs is paramount). One example Om Mani Padme Hum means “Hail the Jewel in the Lotus’. It is a mantra, used by Tibetan Buddhists to achieve the ultimate state of compassion. From my personal experience I do a compassion mediation in English as it is my native language and is more powerful for me and others because of the clear intention. Using Scripting focuses on your individual manifestations then the universe fills your cup, you will be ready to bless others with your full cup. One example in scripting is to write down regularly what your intention is. 

to be continued

Happy spring break everyone