This is a massive question with tremendous and multiple options from the past , now and the future. We could ask this question everyday and have a different answer or even try many times during the same day with surprising and enlightening feedback. To be truly AWARE of ourselves and the environment around us this is a reflective, contemplative exercise of the mind.

Emotions are the result of data from the now, the past and perceived events entering our bodies. To facilitate , human responses and process such feelings is difficult for many reasons which in turn predicates a volume of words , thoughts and experiences. May be one day I will venture on this project of discovery with the aim to publish my findings in a informative book.

Let’s get back to the question in hand which can only be answered personally because that is where our real and HONEST answers come from. This is a question which may trigger or is triggering anxiety’s  now in your life. Often there are many causes below the surface of anxiety but through careful reflection and time we can identify the main cause. If you have difficulty in this process for whatever reason please speak to a therapist who will guide you through the jungle of your life. A great exercise I discovered was to have a note pad and pen to help visualise the answers on paper.

To start the discovery of our hidden details of self here is a simple way to see if you are in control.

1 Write down the first thing on your mind what makes you feel out of control or have no control?

Example I have no money?

2 Write underneath in a progressive manner.

Example: I have no money?


There could be many reasons, but just write one answer for the moment

Example:I spent it all the money.


That’s all I had


I have lots of bills to pay?


Eventually you will hopefully come to the underlying reason of your problem. There could be many reasons for this question Poor money management. Lack of self control. Lack of resources. Determine the cause and tackle the issue. Very often it is a emotional reason why we are in a situation. If you don’t have the answer, ask friends or better still an expert.

Also when we discover the answer ,ask the Question how do I feel about this? Often the answers we unearthed are not the answers we want to see or hear. The problem with feelings or self awareness it hurts and but not being aware of ourselves will inflict more pain in our future selfs.


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