ACCEPT who YOU are

Life is the greatest gift you will ever have for a million reasons. The fact that you even exist is a miracle itself when we consider the probability of one egg and one sperm making that perilous journey. Millions of children have never ventured outside their mothers womb and still millions never made it to adulthood. Everyday people have to say goodbye to their lives by tragedy and unfortunate events.

The brain is the real you not the outward manifestation of a body which can easily fool a passerby. Your skin from the last 7 years has completely changed like a new outfit tailored made to fit your body. The trillion of cells are working hard to help your life process life ingredients for today , tomorrow and yesterday demands. The billions of connections are a silent firework display going off in your brain without a sound to the outside world.

The world as we see it ,can either be half full or half empty depending on our circumstances and perception , but in reality it’s our brain tricking us into submission to what we feed it. The idea of ACCEPTANCE is focusing on the positive things in our life NOW. Also accepting the negative circumstances and events which will cause pain. Life is a very precious and the uncertainty of the world we live in can abruptly come to an end tomorrow.

Despite the many negative experiences we have encountered, YOU are here today so you can tell your own story. For example you are reading this article shows how amazing YOU are being able to assimilate this information and to understand it. Accepting what life has thrown at us is a truly liberating experience for yourself and those around you for many positive reasons.

Here are a few ideas to help you accept WHO YOU ARE and your situation right now at this moment in life. Try take time to reflect and appreciate each point in a positive way.

1 You have been given a name. You are not a nobody.

2 Your inner person is the REAL YOU, yes the brain which controls thousands of operations in your body every day is you.

3 You are Unique. No one ever lived before you and after you ,and no one will be the same as you EVER . Remember you are special human being.

4 Make a list of the things you have done so far in your life. For example you can read. You can talk , you can SMILE.

5 You have preferences. Foods. Music. Hobbies.Make a List of your favourite things which makes YOU you.

6 Every cloud there is a silver lining. Look at the blessings you have ,you  have received and are going to experience it the future because acceptance of who you are.

7 Finally LOVE yourself because then people will definitely love you because of ACCEPTING YOU for who you are.


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