Compassion and forgiveness creates space for mental wealth

Compassion and forgiveness creates space for mental wealth

extract from forth coming book Mental Wealth

The greatest perfection seems inadequate,
But it is unfailing in its usefulness;
What is brimful seems empty,
But it is inexhaustible in its usefulness.
The completely straight seems crooked, the greatest skill seems awkward,
The greatest eloquence seems like stammering.
Activity overcomes cold,
But stillness overcomes heat.
Only by purity and stillness will it will govern the world.

Dao De Jing 45 by Lao Tzu

The apparent paradoxes in one’s mind create confusion, bitterness and limits to the flow of universal experiences that creates mental wealth. A child’s ignorance will cause them to burn their hand and view fire as its enemy. One day, the confusion, bitterness and barriers of hurt come tumbling down as the man recognises the beauty of warmth from the fire.

The chapter focus is to embrace all life challenges with forgiveness to heal the inexhaustible usefulness of compassion. This Mental wealth tool creates an endless space in the mind. Creates freedom to enjoy wonderful life in one’s reality with no limitations. The only obstacle we have on this earth is how we use the mind’s energy of perception.

Exploring Chinese philosophy allows the wisdom to flow into an open heart and mind. This will set the mind free to a pace of serenity for the soul. Energy will manifest itself in the flow of life, either with forgiveness and compassion or bitterness, confusion and restriction.

The great sage said: The greatest perfection seems inadequate. Mental wealth philosophy I encourage is not the focus on perfection or the best life we desire, but recognising the mind unfailing in its usefulness.This is the greatest wealth we will ever have.Being present in the moment eradicating negative judgments about what is happening sharpens the mind use.

Simply reframing a situation can open the mind to opportunities and awe. When you read the whole of the Chines text, the many translations convey the idea of completeness despite the appearance of being empty, crooked, stammering, cold and hot. One translation says at the end of the verse, Serenity keeps the world in order. Taoism’s primary concept of accepting life on its terms as yin and yang. Western thought describes it as polarity of north and south, black and white, up and down etc the opposites create unity or completeness.

Judgements crowd the mind’s potential to experience the wonder and diversity in life DURING THE PRESENT MOMENT. Removing judgments, an observer can explore the powerful lessons of life. The barriers of judgments stop the mind from embracing new ideas and opportunities for growth.

Similar idea in Stoic philosophy. Stoic rumination on judgments that there is no good or bad but only ones desires. Perception is the basis of true knowledge.The focus on peace that emanates from the mind with a persons ethics was not dependant on outcome. Expression of a good death sounds paradoxical but they recognised it was logical that all would die. To be prepared for a good death or embrace it when it comes had no judgments.

Forgiveness and compassion can heal the mind’s erroneous judgments to accept life on its terms. WastIng mental energy invested in convincing ourselves always to be right (elevated ego) and convince the world of our personal deficit of lack is restricting the mind. If we focused the mind on apparent lack or supposedly hurt crowd the mind attracting mental wealth or new perspectives.(the ego takes inventory of losses and hurt) The time and energy misdirected with the minds mismanagement will stop the blessings in life of a positive compassionate mind.

Letting go of apparent losses and lack creates space in the mind for wonder and awesomeness to be present in the mind. Forgiveness straightens the crooked by the perception of the mind. Forgiveness creates space to accept others’ limitations. This great skill seems awkward at first, but compassion will heal the hurt. Allow fresh energy to choose the life you want. Simple truth: we cannot change others, but we can always change our mind with forgiveness and compassion.

The verse encourages activity to overcome a stony (cold) heart or hurt heart. The expectations or beliefs can cause the greatest perfection to seem inadequate. A heart flowing with love has the realisation that to love requires action. The most powerful action starts in the heart. Unleash an energy or feeling is a potential energy to create a better life from within. A mother’s feelings respond to the needs of her children despite the apparent discomfort, but gladly cherishes them because of energy of love. A father runs into a fire save his son because of the energy of love. Action of a stony heart help remove all prejudice from a natural feeling. The ego has a list of demands and remembers the past not being present.


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