Feeling is the energy of infinite, thought is the realisation of creation

Then stirs the feeling infinite, so felt
⁠In solitude, where we are least alone;
⁠A truth, which through our being then doth melt,
⁠And purifies from self: it is a tone,
⁠The soul and source of music, which makes known
⁠Eternal harmony, and sheds a charm
⁠Like to the fabled Cytherea’s zone,
⁠Binding all things with beauty; — ’would disarm
The spectre of Death had he substantial power to harm.

by Lord Byron, a pseudo-name for George Gordon.

Science, philosophy, religion and commerce have their roots in thoughts. The mind’s game is to convince the beholder and its audience the magnificent ideas of thoughts that create a world of observation. Entrapments of attachments(that includes thought) are an illusion to persuade the soul and mind to join in matrimony. Acquisition of ideas, objects and platitudes comforts the soul with a fleeting pleasure, but passion is knocking on the door of life.

Energy of love intoxicates the lover to embrace its quest to conquer the limits of yesterday. Anger burns into a fury of rage to destroy the malevolence of contradictions of judgments and perception. Sadness wraps its arms around the illusion of joy and peace. While laughter smiles in the face of death and life. Feelings is energy in action displayed by interal and external displacment.

Feelings are the ambassadors of the senses fighting for the cause of concepts. Senses embellish the ideology of the soul and mind. Without sensations and feelings, the monochrome of existence will destroy thought to a vacuum of nothingness. The mind plays with ideas from the past and projects them into the future with the eminence of a god.

The unknown is known only by the known. The senses are the masters of all creation, not the illusion of thought who believes in its illustrious grandiose omniscient facade. Energy transmuted by induction is a response according to a system built on predicate laws.

Quantum relationships in the known material universe are the amount of energy proportional to electromagnetic frequency or field. Superposition and entanglement determine the basic building blocks of all energy direction via natural laws with vibration and frequency to a manifestation as a creation. The thought or law is already in place as a system BUT it is the feeling as the energy of infinite that stirs the soul.

The paradox there is zero energy in the known material universe. The positive energy needed to separate the two pieces of matter, gravity, and negative energy, to pull them together. Negative gravitational energy cancels positive energy in the basic building blocks of all energy. To understand this, I refer to the thermodynamic is a closed system. In this metaphor of a container, all matter, radiation, space are contained in a unit with zero energy.

Now digesting these thoughts, read Byron’s poem again.

Imagine he was describing the universal energy of the infinite. The complete material universe of everything is in solitude, where we are least alone. Now he is describing quantum physics. Energy or feeling purifies from self. The frequency or vibration is a tone, ⁠the soul and source of music. ⁠ Next, he focuses on the corelation of thermodynamics, binding all things with beauty. Finally, he says a poignant idea of existence. Spectre of Death had the substantial power to harm. When the brain dies, thoughts die, but the energy of the soul or consciousness or motion of feelings continues in the frequency or vibration of life. My synopsis of a god is infinite energy based on a feeling (energy) that is unconditional (the natural laws of a system) not on rational thought that dies with its judgment as a concept.


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