Does God have favourites?

Does God have favourites?

Every human has preferences in life from the colour of a piece of clothing to that special tasty meal. The human experience is full of wonderful delights in a diversified natural world of choice.

 Contrasted to the natural world, human civilisations, and cultures have manipulated the choices to weird and wonderful spectrum of what is acceptable to the abhorrent evil and heavenly choices of preference.

Does God have favourites? I have used the simplist word for God to define something greater than ourselves as a broad term. We can’t define accurately what, where, how, etc. because everyone has a subjective approach and experience.

Politics, social reform and religion have made their mark in history changing what are the ways of living from a dualist perspective. Anthropologist delights in exploring the contrasting thoughts of ancient civilisations exploring the experiences of humans in their activities of worship, governance, work and pleasures.

During the dark ages esoteric revelations of the divine plan confront the mainstream structure of hierarchy religious bodies as its interpretations of what God likes and dislikes.

Philosophers have added their flavour of the day to what was became a new muse: the metaphysics of God and its preferences. Everyone, regardless of creed, will have their own concepts adjusted from their perspective on how they believe God views the world. This topic will probably enrage the stanch believers on how they perceive the eyes of God or it might make the agnostic quandary about a higher intelligence.

These views are my theories ,thoughts and probably have elements introduced by philosophers, scientists, anthropologists and gods knows who (double pun intended).

Thoughts are concepts, science and religion cannot say what came first with absolute accuracy in the material universe, but I will say it was thought. Before we existed, did the God decide Christians and not as good as Hindus?

This obvious prejudice is not in alignment with nature. Logically, is one breed of animal superior to another? New Ideas don’t destroy reality, but create new experiences or species. Higher intelligence experiences a different perspective that can lead to new ways of perceiving information that was already there.(Paradox of time and infinite knowledge in duality)

The word favourite in English came from Old French word faveur, giving the idea of approval, praise; applause; partiality. In Italian, the word for favorite conveys the concept of a competition of a person who seems most likely to win a race. (common expression in English is: a safe bet., it determines a person’s choice but not a favourite). We use the idea of favorite to say what delights us the most or deserves our attention. I see this in the branding of advertising to pull the consumer into its lure of an unprepared capitalist trap of spending more. This is also true with the monopoly of religious thought especially in Europe through the centuries influencing the choices of either good or bad.

Humanity does not know all the answers. We don’t live long enough to assimilate all ideas and concepts of God have accurate idea. Added to this quest, the natural law of the maternal universe is entropy. Nothing is constant in our universe, which causes confusion about many spiritual philosophies. A schizophrenic god or a monogenous dictator. God who is everywhere or a god who cannot be found who lives in heaven or hell. The uncanny list is endless..

The idea of a soul creates an answer for a human transition with a one-way ticket to an ultimate prize in or out. Again, depending on Aristotle or Plato, the thought of the soul is visible or invisible. Does God favour the soul before, during, or after life on earth?

Chinese philosophy calls the cosmos the great Dao. It recycled everything, including humans into the great pot of exsistance . Shinto similarities with Greek gods or (Shinto spirits) mixture of blessings or woes from supernatural force who needs appeasing escape wrath. Gods favourites is not dependent on human activity but on the spirits or gods’ moods of the time.

From another constraint of atheist, there is no God. Where does consciousness go when a person dies? Where did consciousness start before or after the big bang? Only Gods knows lol.

These few questions highlight the notion we don’t know all the answers. The rational mind of a human has to admit we can’t be dogmatic because to follow this philosophy would be childish and ignorant.

A curious mind of the idea of God’s perspective is always from a limited human perspective, with the possibility of many hidden biases. I would say everyone has biased and that is part of human experience.

Favouritism definition says: unfair support shown to one person or a group or especially someone in authority. (Cambridge dictionary) How do you feel when you are not treated fairly? Most agree that separation cause distress if there is preferential treatment. I am a parent of 4 children but love each of them as individual not a replica of me or their mother. This understanding as a father or mother accepts and loves the children, even if the child lacks knowledge. Why would I have favourites? It would hurt the other children’s feelings? What would this say about me as an incompetent parent who is weak that needs reassurance? Unconditional love from a caregiver is essential for a child to prosper psychologically, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Conversely, harsh treatment and prejudice stunt the growth of the person’s natural response to interpersonal relationships.

Diversity provides a variety of plant and animal life for us to enjoy. In nature, the ecosystems of mycorrhizal and symbiotic relationships are essential. The yin and yang of life provide the million of systems to operate independently but as one complete unit. The cooperation of life as one unit does not evade a single bacteria single cell organism as good or bad, but is essential to the cosmos.



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