Eliminate the small for the great

Eliminate the small for the great

excerpt from forth coming book mental wealth

Time is your budget for success

Human life expectancy is variable depending on lots of factors. According to one report, the average age worldwide to live is 72 years. This is a number as a guide to eliminate the small for the great to show importance of action. I link motivation to consequences in short term and long term of the overall greater good of a person’s life. Time is finite in human terms and I have seen that in real time. I can remember clearly on the 23rd of December 2014 at the hospital after they diagnosed my wife with cancer, these words etched into my mind we are talking years before your wife dies with terminal cancer, not months. On 6th August 2017 at 11 am, she passed on at young age of 45. Time has no mercy, but it gives opportunities to embrace ones greatness on earth. Never take time for granted. It is the gift of human experience.

We all sleep about a third of our time as a necessary part of living. Use our example of 72 years is now reduced to 48 years in the budget of time. Now we are going to take away another important part of the human foundation in the development of childhood of the first 18 years. That leaves us with the figure of 30 years. You can break this down to 10,90 days. Object of this exercise is to help you focus on the life you want to choose with mental wealth.

Questions help you focus on the time you have as a disposable asset.

Do I want to spend all my time in this job I don’t enjoy for the sake of money?

Do I want to spend all this time paying all my debts?

Do I want to spend all this time pleasing some else?

Do I want to waste this time in quick fixes?

What are my top 10 bucket list in my life and when am I going to do them?

Does this activity define my virtues and legacy?

Time spent is an investment of being great, or is it making you feel small? Money is not a precursor of mental wealth. Western society hypnotises the masses into servitude of service. Propaganda to have big houses, extravagant vehicles, glamourous careers, etc. I have seen with my own eyes husbands and wives working all the hours under the sun to service the burdensome debt. The irony, from a rational perspective, the large homes are an empty majority of the week and the cars in work carparks idle. From my personal experience, I had a large home, fancy cars, but the debt was a burden stopping us as a family embracing life. We made a hard decision to change priorities to a different life. Thankfully, we did at the right time before they diagnosed my wife with a terminal illness. This was a blessing in disguise for the whole family spend more time together in pleasant memories before my wife’s time ran out.

Resources, as mentioned in this chapter, primary is energy. Energy management is a personal responsibility. If you wake up exhausted because spent endless hours watching Netflix or working too hard, no one else is to blame. Taking responsibility makes a person great and a small person shifts the blame to someone or something else. This is imperative to who you want to be relating back to your virtues. For example, if one of your virtues is to be wise, here are a few questions to reflect on.

Is it wise to waste this resource on a quick fix or a greater view of the situation?

Is it wise to put all my resources into this activity?

Is this activity teaching me to be wise or limiting my potential for growth?

Will this drain my resources or compound them?

Resources of assets are important from a material perspective, but you are more important than anything else. Oscar Wilde said be yourself; everyone else is already taken. Mental wealth focus is developing the real you from the inside out. One of the greatest hurdles humanity faces is the fear of not having others’ approval or simply put love. The chapter on compassion explore importance of self love and compassion being great and having mental wealth.

Think and reflect intensely on this idea. What is the greatest thing any human can have? I would say is the freedom to think and feel the way you are. No one can deny you as a person, whose feelings and thoughts are manifest in the world. Animals have their own personalities, so humans may express and be who they want to be. Diversity is human greatest potential that enriches civilisations, cultures and historical legacy.

Small minds act from ignorance, limiting abundance in all aspects of life. Energy of who you really are will free you from the burden of others’ expectations. Sadly, religion, political and social expectations can and will limit your resources of time and assets. Here are a few questions help you discover the real you.

Do I live my life for my partner, children, job, religion, country and friends at the expense of my own needs and what I want to do?

If I only had a year to live, what would I do with that time?

What am I afraid to express to the world and why?

When was the last time I did something for me only?


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