Forgiveness a key to unlock compassion

“To Forgive all our errors is to forgive the world with compassion”

Forgiveness is from an old English word conveying ideas to “give, grant, allow a debt, an offense. Underneath the idea the sentiment or emotion to give up desire or power to punish. This is easier said than done because of our complex belief systems integrated from our personal histories of experience. Compassion and forgiveness are interlinked because of the emotional drives are linked with our awareness. I will endeavour to explain how to unleash your inner drives of wholeness with the tool of forgiveness with the everlasting love that prevails the whole universe in transition of compassion.

All credit and glory go to the super abundant wisdom of the infinite that seeks to love and release the higher self to its full potential. The full experience was due to a meditation and full awareness opening my mind to one of my allusive barriers to love myself and the world with unconditional love. We all believe we love ourselves but through my journey of discovery especially through meditation and knowledge it untangles our distorted perspective by removing limiting filters we wear and carry.

The programs and beliefs that have been inculcated since conception on this journey blots the marvellous vision of clarity available to all humanity. One of the biggest blots or strangulation and suffocating of our awareness with the concept of sin. The foundation of unconditional love I believe flows throughout the universe with ease not with presupposition of action. When we Examine nature, it flows with simplicity and cohesion of their symbiotic relationships that are not based on religious dogma or political agendas. The eons of religious and political systems rise and fall but nature continues its unending cycle of life without thought.

During my meditation the bright light of forgiveness came into my awareness. The stigmas we carry from childhood of other people’s projections and expectations are lurking in the shadow of reality. The realisation that I was carrying buckets of underlying projections against my soul was revealed by the higher self.

From a child’s perspective its limited knowledge and human experience the child reflects the environment on to itself. For example, as I have mentioned before, my father left my mother when I was 8 years old. I carried that projection of rejection with me as a child expectation of unconditional love from a parent. Sadly, the pain and hurt of failed relationships can cause decades of unresolved trauma. The child can blame itself for the problems it encounters while young due to ignorance and carry’s it as shame, guilt, and sorrow.

The example of sin is so ingrained in western cultures some atheist and agnostics use the same strategy in parenting styles through to the relationships in the workplace and others. The concept you are not good enough has its roots in educational systems from 17th centuries with religion foothold in educating the masses. The propensity of not going to Sunday school or church segregated the community to idealism of good and evil. This is facilitated today in many cultures, of children not achieving top academic status. The reward often due to not reaching academic accolade with title working class.

The expectations of others may be rooted from hidden failure or lack of forgiveness of themselves. William James book published over over 100 years old called the varieties of religious experiences identifies the division of humanity with religious piety. In essence the extremes of religious piety are not rational but radical psychological experiences of divided self. He postulates that individual religious experiences, not the organized religious life is authentic self.

I have respect for others religious experiences but believe that unconditional love tempered with forgiveness for self is the champion to unlock compassion not dogma. The fact that my wife suffered with agonising cancer and died because of sin the church ideology is preposterous. When you read the pages of history, millions have suffered century after century on exchange rate of interest rate of the Judeo-Christian beliefs of penance to make their God multibillion justification vindicator of rationalization of injustice in in other words the scales are in the favour of unrelenting punitive capitalist. I would never wish any soul to endure torture because of one man sin is intemperance for infinite unconditional consciousness. The statute of eye for eye could have equalled the scales of justice when Abel died at the hands of his brother if you use the bible golden standard of law in the old testament. These statements may trigger the believer consensus, but the original sin doctrine was embellished in Augustine’s theory. The Christian church was corrupted by Constantine abuse of politics and religion dictating the monopoly of the masses during their life and even when they die.

This may alienate some readers on the reality of how religious or other beliefs can suffocate the eternal consciousness part of the self. From my own personal experience if I persisted in my cognitive dissonance with the burden of sin wrapped around my awareness, I would have had the beginning of psychosis and related psychological issues.

The light of truth in my perception is the infinite is not constricted by manmade rules of subsidiary prefects of existence just to please it. The division of the self can infringe from the external idealisation of others not just religious but other outdated philosophies.

Forgiveness is taught in mainstream Religions throughout the world. For further information good site that reviews teachings at promoting forgiveness at its core.

The irony in forgiveness, a person can’t forgive others until they forgive themselves with unconditional love. The culprit for this consequence is the ego who loves control and is afraid of the unknown. The ego elevates its limiting perspective as a survival mechanism at the cost of enjoying the love that flourishes throughout the universe with no cost to both percipients. The ego adulation of prestige and prominence is another survival mechanism. The social brain conditions the community affect of sustainability by conforming the ego again as a slave or master not as an equal in the community. Remember you are not your thoughts, concepts, or status, you are part of the universal consciousness not a division of this or that.

When you discover that its ok to be who you want to be at a core level the shackles and burdens of guilt, shame, and sorrow dissolve. To become authentic is to remove all barriers to transcend to the real dimension of who you are. The negative should, must, are judgements that cause tension and restrict your perspective to gain your full potential. Conversely forgiving self by being present allows the universal love and compassion to flow into your awareness. Let’s reframe this statement rationally and logically. The only real you right now are at this present time.

The body changes it never stays the same, for example over 3.8 million new cells are replenished every second.

A 100 billion neurons are firing off 5-50 messages (action potentials) per second.

The human body contains around 37 billion cells there were about (37 x 21 zeros) chemical reactions, taking place every second.

The reality from a human perspective you or the ego is not in complete control it is all an illusion. On top of this is, the instincts, behaviours, environment etc are driving and keeping you alive. Holding onto guilt and shame only slows down and disfigures your perception of reality.

You are wonderful
you are awesome
you are amazing
you are beautiful
you are so incredible
you are lovable
you are phenomenal
you are inspiring
This is the real you a reflection in one small iota of the infinite. Use forgiveness to unlock compassion. Remember this saying this week and beyond “To Forgive all our errors is to forgive the world with compassion”


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