Mystical life reduces fear

My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”Nicola Tesla

The quest for knowledge and learning has been a pursuit of many influential individuals through the centuries sharing their insights and passions of what resonated with them and sharing with us. I have admiration and respect to those who challenged the common philosophies of the time even at the threat of death. The uncertainty of life has been a topic that religions, science and world rulers have sought to conquer with a passionate heart. The dogmatism sadly over spilled and caused the ruination of innocent bystanders with the destruction of habitats , resources and the souls of children, women and fearless men.The universal quest for who is right has caused narrow misery and stagnation of growth in the sciences, religion and governments. I don’t want start a revolution in the sea of humanity but a revolution in a person heart and soul to embrace compassion as the foundation of personal experience. As I was writing that sentence it reminded me of a Beatles song revolution , here’s part of the song

“You say you’ll change the constitution
Well, you know
We’d all love to change your head
You tell me it’s the institution
Well, you know
You better free your mind instead”

The most influential band of all time I would say is the Beatles , I am not an avid fan myself but have an infinity to Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album. The band are known for experimenting with drugs that can initiate mystical experiences. The band had their roots in religious connections as children that steered them to explore other religious experiences later in life. The fame, riches and notoriety didn’t turn them into ghosts of fearful skeptics of reality but inspired them to write fantastic lyrical content. John Lennon iconic song Imagine touches the soul that most humans would love to embrace.

The mystical experiences has caused humanity to transcend bitterness and hate enveloping the creativity of amazing feats of the human species. The quote by Nicola Tesla “My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists” recognised that point. From an early age Tesla was hit with tragedy with the death of his brother. The contribution Tesla made is remarkable with his pursuit of learning and creating new concepts and inventions despite his setbacks in life.

The mystic is open to the unknown and unleashes their creative powers of perception to a greater reality. The experience of flow takes the human experience where time and precepts dissolve. Nicola Tesla was a genius especially in the field of light, working for Edison and I would say obsessed with energy in all its forms. From a mystical experience an energy in form of knowledge came to him from a powerful beam of light through the eyes of a bird he said. Tesla said the light was intense; it was brilliant to the point of being dazzling, – and white. It was more powerful, he explained, than any light he had ever produced in his laboratory. I would say he had an mystical revelation of impending death of a close connection with his close companion a pigeon. This seems ludicrous but remember Tesla led a solitary life that enabled him to be focused. His connection with a regular visitor of humble origin was a distraction and comfort for him from a psychological perspective. I recognise this in the pet industry where the animals have elevated position in a lonely person life whatever the cost. The bonding of pets transcends the relationships of many estranged relationships of humans forming this unlikely connection with an animal.(I have dog and he was angel to my dying wife providing comfort and solace.) The pigeon is a worldwide species found in parks , cities and the wild. Their close relative the dove is in many mystical writings even in the bible saying Gods spirit descended upon Jesus at his baptism as a dove.

The creativity of a person is a fundamental need for a person to reach their full potential. The opposite to creative is infertile ,unproductive , and uninspired. The stagnant or apathetic approach from a psychological perspective leads to anxiety, depression and fear. Mystical life of the unknowing from a reductionist perspective can cause fear for the skeptic.To measure and correlate events is impossible from quantum to all knowing throughout the universe because the unknown cant be isolated or fixed in time because we just don’t know. The fear of absolute from empirical analysis cant always come to the same conclusions in predictions and estimations . In science we have our limits of understanding but with a creative mindset it unlocks infinite possibilities of the unknowing not cramping the outlook. The ridged expectations of materialist can cause anxiety believing a person has all the data , power and resources when results in life don’t go to fruition. I am not against science but to be dismissing or not being open minded to other unknown realities limits intellectual and creative possibilities.

I did a quick google trends since 2004 till present day 6th January 2022 to see what the data said about common search questions. I played around with different words but in my analysis the two words that probably be a good measure on a person mind : Death and God.

Im not a scientist but the data showed in April 2020 the impact of Covid on the internet search engine google. About half of the world’s population was under some form of lockdown, with more than 3.9 billion people in more than 90 countries or territories having been asked or ordered to stay at home by their governments. The uncertainty definitely triggered a lot of individuals realties about death and God. I remember the emotional stress on me, it caused me to break away from the dogma of my belief system I had from a childhood as cognitive dissonance. The fear can cause tremendous mental health complications because the human brain hates (the ego) uncertainty because it believes its going to die.

Mystical experiences doesn’t always mean you have walk on water or have a vision. The picture of a mystic for many thinks it is ascetic life and is only way to enlightenment but that is not rational to true. The self discipline and mastery helps transcend the ego fight of animalistic pursuits. The balance in nature is the reflection of enlightenment and mystical experience. The awe experience transcends all materialistic endeavours of pleasure. For example the inspiring sunsets , the beautiful moonlight and the smile of a stranger can invoke an experience from within. The performance and wonders of human expression in the arts fills the void of nothingness. To conceptualise the awe experience is difficult to translate in words but you recognise the feeling of the all in the awe. The soul or the authentic or higher self what ever you desire to call it recognise the creativity in nature and human expression as it connects to the experience manifested in our human conscousness.

The mind of human consciousness is connected to the universal consciousness if you allow it. Removing all judgements of what is and what is not allows the mind to embrace the higher conscious of the real self. Imagine telling a child you cant eat chocolate who’s never tasted it and putting a judgement on it. The child will believe that chocolate is something to avoid because mummy told me. Fast forward ten years and the child is an adult and is told by a new friend “I love chocolate and I cant live without it”. The curiosity of a child is always deep within our soul but lifetime of others judgments stops the experience if we are not aware. The higher consciousness wants to experience life to grow and learn. The chocolate or mystical experience available for all to experience but the choice is up to the individual.

The irony of stopping fear in its tracks is what all mystics practice , meditation. Quieting the mind takes on new dimensions of peace and stillness. The other irony I would say is a blessing by having awareness that our consciousness is connected to greater source that dissipates all fear. The construction of fear is a mental construct believing that we are in total control, so we must do this or do that or else. This creative imagination is not creative but soul annihilation. The religious organisations have taught to love thy self and others as bench mark of humanity. The legacy of past mystics were willing to die for their faith in helping others because they transcended the ego. I had a discussion with a friend and emphasised the ego can either be your friend or foe. The ego is your servant not the other way. The authentic self may be a quiet , kind and patience soul but you can use your ego to protect and help others in times of need.

In conclusion  a Mystical life reduces fear because it is not restricted by the view this is all life has to offer. The life journey of mystical life is seen in synchronicity and the feeling of compassion for humanity and self. Everyone has difficulties and challenges in life, its a part of personal development not a curse. The fear can be an opportunity to reach out to the unknown and humble the ego of the false self. Endeavour to be present to the callings in your realty and awaken to the possibilities of miracles happening in your life and others. Finally love your authentic self and the fear of tomorrow will turn into the joy of life.



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