Family is a gift

Gift of Life

We all come from family of some sort even if it was an institution. Maybe it wasn’t the best start in life or we might of wished for a better family. The story of Christmas from the religious perspective or the movies portrayal is the one of optimism’s despite the challenges.Jesus born in stable and scrounge was miserable but the moral of the story peace at the end.

This time of year may be difficult for many due to not having family members around. For some they may be in isolation or cut off from others. Whatever your situation have compassion for yourself and for others who may be struggling. The concepts and idealisation that every Christmas has to be perfect is not always going to be the case. The heart strings of emotions for many will struggle facing the day knowing family members will not be there. My dear Auntie who was born at Christmas called Carol hence the name lost her son to cancer recently. He was second oldest of the grandchildren next to me of the young age 51 years old. I think of the many other families first Christmas without loved ones in the flesh will be very emotional. Carol lost two husbands one at 29 years old over 40 years ago and one 4 years ago just after the death of my beloved wife. She said that even after 40 years at times struggle emotionally and I can agree with her. As a parent watching children when their mother is not around is a double sadness , one for us all and the great sadness of her not being here in the flesh watching her children growing up.

Despite the sadness I am grateful for having a family and as my Auntie said of her son Matt , she was proud to have him as a part of her life. The lessons life throws at us all at times can be challenging but empathy and compassion for ourself and others is the greatest gift we can have and give. May the love of the beloved refresh your soul on a challenging time.


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