Judgements foundations in bias towards the self(YOU)

Judgements are essential for survival and positive growth. The judgements are cognitive decisions in a hierarchy of systems in the mind. The foundation of many cognitive choices are bias because it saves time and energy for the mind. For example if you didn’t react quick enough from a threat or danger you will die because you didn’t react in time. The body and mind remembers events so you can move immediately to avoid the threat. The fight or flight response ramps up your nervous system to save you from your enemy. This is a brief overview how important personal experiences are remembered to serve and save you. We will see there is also a negative effect to this amazing response system.

According to Kant theory of judgements( a philosopher who explored the question of judgements especially from a moral perspective) ignores the psychological appprecepton ( collection of ideas or systems) but focuses on cognition or thinking. His approach is more scientific being objective but I believe you also need to look at the mind from a subjective evaluation because this is the foundation of who the person mind is built on a lifetime of personal perceptions.

In Kants theory of judgements he classifies different judgments but for simplicity I will touch on some of his key ideas. His idea of making judgements have to be logical or objective to serve the person choices. This is rational because we link or classify ideas into groups for ease of access in the mind. The problem with this filing system will be impeached or corrupted with psychological systems like spilt coffee on the file will leave a stain. We all like to think we are competent and logical but our biases are the coffee stains on some of our files. This correlates to the HPA axis I mentioned earlier for the body and mind to go into top gear effortlessly when the mind senses threat. Added to the equation our beloved subconscious mind makes the choice before the executive prefrontal cortex has chance to regulate the situation. Have you ever just missed a car or object that was going to hit you? Your body pumps up the adrenaline and your heart goes in a pounding sensation and your breathe changes. In the right circumstances our beloved subconscious is our friend but sometimes it pulls out the coffee stained files and you panicked and become irrational before you know it.

This post is focusing on the self not others , the next post I will address that situation.

Many writers use the term inner critic, but I prefer Sigmund term the ego. He made the term accessible to the public and rightly so because many of our or most of our mental , emotional and cognitive problems relate to the I , self , ego or YOU. Your ego has learned behaviour patterns and by this vital component of the mind helps you make sense of the world. The ego experiences will have programs from memories that you will not have easy access to because of memory consolidation and retrieval. The good news you can wipe the coffee stains from some of the files making access to clear programs for rational choices and thinking. Our mind makes evaluations on objects , people and environments etc because it loves being the job of librarians. The library has system to find a particular book easy to navigate the million of books save time and efficiency similar to the brain.

The frontal lobe is the decision maker or librarian of the brain but it doesn’t have autonomous management like a dictator. It has input from other areas of the brain to function effectively. As mentioned earlier the autonomic nervous system has its influence mediating across the networks or the many shelf’s relating to the subject. Compounded to the million bits of information the brain processes also uses memory as an indicator of action.

The big problem with the brain it can often be incorrect in judgements in small details and this can cause confirmation bias by incorrect data that is not rational. The coffee stained book is synced with other books in the library of your mind as fact but it is not.

The mind is only as effective by the correct training it received of information. This is clearly shown by feral children who been taught information by animals and they act like animals. There was one case of a Eastern European girl in the 1990 who lived with dogs and her language and behaviour resembled dogs very disturbing if you see the footage.

We live in a society that constantly changes with new information and updates of previous knowledge. The educated classes that are normally wealthier have access to the latest perspective and are trained especially at universities to be objective in thinking faculties. This has been a practice for centuries but many individuals broke the class distinction and educated themselves. The biography of Abraham Lincoln is outstanding story of a man who did this. The technologies have given the average person to access of information through the internet that has helped the world to learn many new concepts. Again due to subjective personal biases much of the information is incorrect with no empirical evidence to back up the statements or judgements.

One solution is to make an honest appraisal of the judgements especially about the self. Many of the judgements our mind continues to pull out from the myriad of coffee stained files of our memories are just not true. To contradict negative biases is another obstacle because of the social brain been taught to not question the tribe for survival.

In conclusion in this post here are a few questions to see if your judgements about yourself are actually true or coffee stained information of the past.

Body image questions

I am ugly?

What is ugly? Who said you were ugly?

Intellect questions

I am stupid?

What is stupid? Who said you were stupid and when?

Religious questions

God is going to kill me?

Who said God is going to kill you and why?

Did God shake your hand and tell you face to face he is going to kill you?

Financial questions

I will never have enough money?

What is enough money?

Why can’t you have enough money who told you?

These are some ideas to question yourself and discover the root of the personal judgements. They could of originated with family members , in society , or friends judgements we accepted as authentic and these coffee stains got lost in our library.

Another person perspective is their view and often they make judgements using thier biases without knowing. The important fact from this post is what feels right for you is important because only you know deep down if that judgement are authentic. Finally it is ok to make mistakes in the past , that is what being human is . Today is a fresh day and a new you so dissolve the past judgments and be present the greatest gi gift you will always have.

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