Acceptance: What Do You Want?

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Francis of Assisi


Acceptance is a radical transformation for many because of the years of servitude to others without awareness. Our programs we have learnt from a critical period in life is from preconception of the egg through the first 3 years of life as a human. I will use a direct quote from a UK 2020 report to emphasis this aspect for you. Further reading if interested (The best start for life. GOV.UK 2021) 

“The 1,001 days from pregnancy to the age of two set the foundations for an individual’s cognitive, emotional and physical development. There is a well- established and growing international consensus on the importance of this age range; it is part of the World Health Organisation’s Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s, and Adolescents’ Health1, the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative1, and in England, both the NHS Long Term Plan and Public Health England’s 2016 guidance on “giving every child the best start in life”.

Imagine your parents’ environment before your conception up to the age of 2 years. Enquire if you can to see what challenges they had to deal with. This will build a picture of your subconscious patterns from an external influence. The beliefs, anxieties and life patterns will influence the perception of what your parents wanted for you according to their reality and core beliefs. This is the foundation of you are with your ongoing experiences in life. As a parent I recognise at times I could have done things differently. Parents will make mistakes, and this is passed onto the child. This isn’t a blame mentality, it is understanding that most parents did their best, but at times got it wrong. The big question is as an adult now: WHAT DO YOU WANT? There a no right answers because we all have different personalities and tastes and core beliefs. It may take weeks, months, or years to unravel the self from the entanglement of external projections of others. A tool to help you find out what you want is an old post. I put an overview of one of my favourite public speakers on person development by dear old Jim Rohn

Personally, I have been untangling the weeds and stones of hidden negative beliefs and it takes hard work to be brutally honest with the self. Recently I wrote down me four main areas for change or what I wanted in overall pattern to simplify the process. This is idea for you to find out what you want as an example, it is not a rule because you’re not Steve Hyne. Generally, we have the same basic wants and needs and there has been much research on this. I mentioned this in a previous post 

I decided to use a vision board to remind my brain as opened my computer to reprogram my subconscious mind. Here is a copy below


Intention or Obligation

Responsibilities we have taken on could be our own intentions but a careful examination we may discover it was placed on us from someone else. This is difficult because our natural response is to thrive in a tribe due to the social brain. From a survival perspective it makes common sense to be with a group. That could include family, friends, and organisation’s, a lifetime of connections. A typical therapeutic question to ask objectively: Are they serving your needs or are you serving their needs? I will write a few questions to see if your life is Your intention or others obligations as examples to reflect on. This maybe hard hitting, don’t judge others, judge your motives of why you do it.

1 The parents say I should think of the family reputation?

2 Your friends say you need to buy this or do that?

3 Your Boss ask you for lots of favours and its not in the contract?

4 The church says Gods going to judge you for this or that?

5 The children say it’s not fair?

These examples may discover if you are a people pleaser because you can’t say no because of fear of rejection. The irony in life there are individuals you can never please and that not your responsibility.  The life we have has choices, and we can accept to live with others obligations if that’s what we want or live a life with intention.

What is intention and does it work? 

The word intention gives an idea of purpose, aim, and what one intends to accomplish. The law of attraction simple theory is what we focus on is what appears in our life. For a scientific and practical step how to implement this is in my book written in easy to grasp concepts to build on. It would make a lovely Christmas gift or present for yourself. 

We know our thoughts and intentions influence our reality because marketing is so rampant in the world especially on social media. In one stat shows in USA spends over 31 billion dollars (Statista). For example If I mention the words finger licking or your worth it or just do it immediately the brain remembers the brand. 

In my previous post (below) the picture above from quantum level with two influence’s that are in every cell. One I named Quantum higher force and the other Intentional higher consciousness. One day I might write a book explaining this in deeper level and explain the science and theology etc. The quantum higher force is in many religions what they call God again this is subjective to many ideologies.  The Intentional Higher consciousness is our perception of our existence. Animals and plants have different levels of consciousness and humans are at the top. But this is subjective again because simply put we get in the way of our own focus. Our perception could be smothered with other people’s concepts and the brain has personal bias, with hidden programmes, we all have them. If both influences (QHF + IHC) are in unison you will transcend to the authentic self, some call it enlightenment.

Where does your attention flow?

If you spend most of your time with negative influences, you will probably be a reflection of that experience. We have mirror neurons and even if we don’t agree with other concepts but continue listen or watch the experience, it will affect our internal subconscious network. The other big question is time, time is a rare resource because one day you will run out of time. In simple English DIE. Imagine you only had one year left how would you spend it? I’m sure you wouldn’t worry about those five questions I mentioned earlier. 

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Francis of Assisi lived by what he preached, and his focus was on his passion for Christ.  He started on a path that led him be a who he wanted to be, he wasn’t swayed by family, church, or material goods. He accepted his mission and is remembered by many different religious organisations and governments as remarkable man. ( Not everyone has the same vision in life, and I am thankful because we need a variety of skills on this planet. 

Acceptance is what you want because there is only one of you and you are special. Your talents can bring untold blessings for yourself and for everyone in your circle of life. The great artist was preceded by another artist that inspired them. You can find your inspiration by reading and learning from others and one day that could be you

Summary of Acceptance = Love yourself then you will Accept yourself unconditionally then you can love the world by being your authentic self!


Acceptance is to have what you love

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