Acceptance is to allow yourself to be authentic 

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.” Mahatma Gandhi


Permission can evoke strong feelings in our psyche for several reasons. There might be challenges right now in your interpersonal relationships with the different hierarches rule your world. This could be at a subconscious level relating to our previous experiences with the roots back to childhood experiences. The permission I am focusing on in this article is from an internal perspective. The way we perceive the world is all in our head and sometimes it could be ourselves that get in the way of seeing the bigger and clearer picture.The root of the world comes from permit and the idea as the foundation of the phrase can mean “allow (something) to be done, suffer or allow to be, let pass, let go, let loose; give up, hand over; let, allow, grant” (1) The imaginary barriers of acceptance can block the sunlight of the goodness from the world. The sun is always there but from time-to-time clouds stop the heat and sunshine penetrating on our soil for further growth and nourishment

Why do you need to have permission? The autonomy of being human makes us different from all creatures that we know we are above animals. Child Psychology emphasises the agency or self-governing of a child is a basic human right. (2) Question to ask personally: what is stopping you from having permission to be your natural self? We will explore further in the next section of some reasons why don’t accept yourself and maybe why don’t accept others. 

Entanglement or Enlightenment?

I’m a fan of quantum physics but the hardest part is to explain it in simple terms. I have used this subheading because it gives me the idea of two opposites but at a deeper level the words can mean something else. I am bit of a Logophile (3) and amateur linguaphile (4) in in simple English I am fascinated with words and languages. 

I strongly argue that a person true self from the internal motivations drives them to an outward manifestation of their true potential. What are your deepest motivations or values from the quantum depths of your cells? This linked to a person spiritual perspective of what a person truly believes is authentic to their realty. A friend was seeking enlightenment experience. Wanted to get to the next stage you could say. I would say a person can be entangled in other people belief systems and concepts. Problem with this motivation you ignore the true self and deny or don’t accept your internal beliefs from a core perspective.

One definition said, “A phenomenon in quantum mechanics in which a particle or system does not have a definite state” (5) In another words nothing is fixed until revealed or measured. As a person we continue to evolve and change but our psychological systems can be fixed because of core beliefs restricting flow or an unresolved trauma. These beliefs are our identity what we stand for. This is a cultural and educational process, hence the wide diversity on this small planet. 

I am a spiritual person but from my perspective the ego loves attention and validation from an external validation. I love to explore others’ perceptions especially from a religious perspective. I am not confined to duality that many religious dogmas that see the world in black and white. I would say the spirituality is a colourful experience for a person intrinsic beliefs and values.  Below is a concept of what spirituality is from a qua tun level. I will explain more the next post. 

My spirituality concept

Questions to explore in the meantime

Intention or Obligation?

Where does your attention flow?

What acceptance isn’t ?

Acceptance is permission to be You

  6. Quantum entanglement video:

Acceptance is the first step of discovering you series by Steve Hyne


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