Open mind and hand = Acceptance

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” Aristotle

A full mind that never rests cannot reflect on its path or a closed hand cannot receive gifts from the present of life. How we perceive life can be augmented by the brain perception of its limited experience or references. The cast in stone ideologies prevent new discoveries of self and the outer world. Social constructs of our life experiences shape our reality whether we believe that or not. The subconscious patterns of our behaviour in in governance of our core beliefs. To resurrect our consciousness to a higher level, open the mind (1) and the hand. (2)


Have you ever been stuck, run out of steam or ideas? The belief that life is boring, or I can’t change Rather than giving up use another tool that is available to every human, the mind of invention. Imagination is a free resource at your fingertips and it’s free. The mind flexes its muscle with imagination and creativity.

The mind process tens of thousands of thoughts every day. The mind is efficient processor, but the constant use will stifle the creative processes of new ways of thinking. Having time set aside for being creative is never a wasted opportunity. Do what makes you feel good. (3)

The perspective we use every day fits the roles we play from father, friend, or foe. The habitual role of being a friend is good for connection and building bridges of friendship but there is a downside. The friends we interact with our familiar with us and often nothing new happens. Expanding your imagination and taking on a new role or face can enhance our abilities and personality. 

Imagine that you can’t cook very well and all your contacts either eat out or eat just junk food. The opportunity of change can be restricted by choice of friends. The simple solution is friend of an expert not a novice.

Be Courageous and do it 

It is all in your head is what they say but what’s the fear of rejection and failing stopping you was covered in my last post.

  A great innovation of a book I recommend fortifying your courageous spirit 

The first step is sometimes the hardest but by just doing it a great slogan by Nike 

Open mind and open hand = Acceptance


Individuation refers to the process through which a person achieves a sense of individuality separate from the identities of others and begins to consciously exist as a human in the world. (4) The word was coined by the great Carl Jung who did extensive work on the human psyche and psychological development.

The secret to accept change is to discover who you are as an individual that corelates to your own values. This is not an overnight process but a series of transformation in conceptual ideas emanating from the self. 

Open Hand = Acceptance

The opposite to an open hand is a tight fist that symbolise a fight response. Or another popular concept here in the UK is tight fisted that means a person is not generous. Charles Dickens wrote the story Christmas Carol depicted a wealthy man called scrooge. (5)  The moral of the story is our contribution to the society and sharing with others. The gift of generosity is not just limited to financial contributions but in deeds of kindness and words of wisdom. Aristotle said It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”.  For my interpretation of this statement means to evaluate our thoughts with open curious mind then naturally we wouldn’t react to the changes in our life with a fear response and accept it with insight. The brain will manipulate our reality in a dualistic response of an animal response if were not careful. Rather than rebuff life take time for the mind to adjust to the new ide is part of acceptance.








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