Searching for the sacred eye


I am started working on a new book which originally was going to be a short story for Christmas but it has to be a novel now. The video will be overview of the story give you a flavour of what to expect. Enjoyed writing my last novel and excited with this new project. I love the renasscience especially the culture and art it inspires me to a different world. of awe. not sure when I finish the book but im sure one day it will be a movie as i can see the adventure in my imagination .

searching for the sacred eye


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About Stephen Hyne

I am creative and curious about life. I have a passion for the brain and the psychology of human behaviour. I love the renaissance art, culture and architecture. Music is my best friend follows me on my life journey of discovery.

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  1. […] The Catholic church grew to be a powerful entity with unlimited resources and power that influenced the great artist in Europe. The intoxication of political alliances strengthened the countries of France and Italy as sibling rivalry. The novel I have been am working is called “The New adventures of the Musketeers Searching for the Sacred eye” (all going to plan it will be available next Christmas)highlights west hold . Brief video outlying the struggle in Europe with the State and church fighting against mysticism and the Renaissance artist on a previous post. […]

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