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Excerpt draft from my forth coming Psychological thriller Compassion for a Psychopath ( End of the book )

I hope you enjoyed the journey with Maria on her quest through the early years of her life. The stages of life from childhood have a huge impact on our personality and choices. It is very easy to judge others behaviour but not understanding why they acted is more complicated. The influences in a person life can either be for positive change or lead to negative consequences. Understanding a person motives both in their subconscious and conscious will give a different perspective of the situation. The actions of others reveal much about our core beliefs and how we would act. For example, if a young man is exposed to his father repeatedly being abusive to his mother the young child has at least two perspective on how he may treat his wife and other women in the future. He may copy the example of his father believing that behaviour is acceptable or he may vow never to treat a woman in abusive way going even going to opposite of allowing her to be abusive to him. The conditioning of our childhoods are programs we carry throughout our lives. 

The flexibility of behaviour is possible for individuals to change because of neuroplasticity. The first important ingredient is being aware of our thoughts and actions reflecting on why. The Psychopath have tendencies to be narcistic and self-indulgent of grandiose illusions of importance. Difficult for them to accept their behaviour as ruthless and uncaring. There egos use confirmation biases and not taking responsibilities for their actions. The compassionate side of them is turned off. The Psychopath has learned to act in a way of self-preservation often from circumstances not choice. The emotional intelligent they have is external of others not themselves. Their perception and intellect can be highly polished understanding human nature. The compassion for them is viewed a weakness unless it is for there advantage. The differences of degrees of each Psychopath will be variable. 

According to Forbes.com many of the top career paths for Psychopaths ar

  1. CEO
  2. Lawyer
  3. Media (Television/Radio)
  4. Salesperson
  5. Surgeon
  6. Journalist
  7. Police Officer
  8. Clergy person
  9. Chef
  10. Civil Servant

Maria(Psychopath) journey of her step father being involved with the church and sales had a strong influence on her growing up. Her mother had a background of being a strong femine role model in a loveless marriage looking out for herself. Ignoring Maria emotional needs influenced her perspective as a child because of isolation with no attachments. The internal programming of a child serves the brain as the modulator of behaviour for the future self. The stress Maria had to endure as a child affected her brains emotional intelligence of the prefrontal cortex. This decision processing area of executive function damaging her pathways of neural  patterns from limbic system. For more information on how brain effects our perception is in my book What are you afraid? Take the Fear out of Fear available on amazon.

I have also written several Posts about Psychopaths on my website https://2020-learning.com/They include Personality of a Psychopath, The birth of a Psychopath, Feelings of a Psychopath and a female Psychopath. There are many great books and stories about Psychopaths for you to investigate so you can come to your own conclusions.


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