Compassion For a Psychopath “Preface”


The definition of Psychopath according to dictionary is

“a person having an egocentric and antisocial personality marked by a lack of remorse for one’s actions, an absence of empathy for others, and often criminal tendencies”

Contrast to that personality trait with compassion the same dictionary defines compassion as

“Sympathetic consciousness of others’ distresses together with a desire to alleviate it”.

The fascination I have with human behaviour has been my quest over the last four years. I have been drawn to the Psychopathy in helping me understand the mind of these individuals from a Psychological, biological, and neurological perspective.  Sadly, the Hollywood movies and media reports that all Psychopaths are dangerous and a menace to society. The truth of the matter, there are various degrees of the personality trait and not every Psychopath is a danger. The personality of a Psychopath is not a simple equation of cause and effect. There are genetic, environmental, and other factors that influence the Psychopaths personality and behaviour. 

The foundation of many personality traits is in biological mechanisms. Modern science helps clarify the brains of different disorders with MRI technology. A Psychopathy academic scientific paper came to this conclusion after examining the data. Its is called:  Brain Basis of Psychopathy in Criminal Offenders and General Population by Mathew Hudson.        “Normally functioning individuals with high psychopathic traits have structural and functional brain characteristics that are similar to violent offender with high psychopathic traits. These characteristics include both fronto-limbic cortical atrophy and enhanced brain activity in affective circuits while seeing violence. Altogether these data show that integrity and function of the frontal and insular cortex associate with both extreme and benign variations of antisocial behaviour, providing neurobiological support for a common neural basis of antisocial behaviour with different severity.”

The story of Compassion for a Psychopath is to help the reader understand the consequences of a Psychopathy behaviour because of their abnormal brain wiring. The key difference in Psychopathy actions is rooted in a lack of empathy and compassion. Severity of each individual Psychopath behaviour vary greatly. In the right environment many can perform in an acceptable way in society but when the pressure is on, the personality changes especially with cognitive dissonance.

I have endeavoured to make the story as authentic as possible taking the reader on a journey of discovery in the mind of a Psychopath. When I was writing the book, I did much research to bring the story to life. In the world of my imagination, I hope will give an experience of roller coaster of feelings and sensations for the reader. Writing the story, I could visualise the scenes because I used real places and time frames in history. Added to the story is many references to music because music stirs the emotions and very much part of what I could hear in my imagination while writing the story. One day I would like to see the story as a movie because I want the world not to just be glamourised with violence of a Psychopath but to have compassion for them who don’t have the joy of being present in the human body with empathy and compassion.


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