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I have noticed the increase of anxiety of some individuals coming out of lockdown with the removing of restrictions. During the pandemic it has caused anxiety and stress for many. The anticipation of freedom from lockdown has fooled a few that all the challenges they faced over the last year or two would go away instantly. The brain doesn’t like unfamiliarity and new situations. This can add more stress especially with ongoing challenges and uncertainty. The lockdown worldwide has caused many losses of life , friendship , holidays , employment , money and associations and much more. There has been a significant effect on the human body and mind of many during pandemic. Being compassionate for self and others will strengthen resilience and solidarity for all humankind. 

I have seen in my personal life how a few regular compassionate routines helps me recenter back to my normal self. There are many resources that involve financial commitments and time that adds stress. With limited resources and time the free resources is always available. These free resources can be adapted to your personal needs and circumstances.


Meditation quiets the prefrontal cortex , the command centre of the brain. Start with 5 minutes if unfamiliar with the practice and increase whenever possible. The secret is regularity practicing every day not necessary the amount of time. The average brain process up to 80000 thoughts a day. Relaxing the mind will quiet your nervous system. The Ego part of the mind wants undivided attention like a relentless dog chattering in the background. Meditation will help focus on the true self not the worries of life contniually.

Focus on a happy place and imagine you are in a dream. Engage all the senses if possible.

Breathe slowly through the nose and release any tension through the mouth. ( ok to say ahhhh help release stress through the mouth)

Nurture Yourself in Nature

Nature is your friend and you can connect with the calming effects of fresh oxygen and colour. 

Focus on the beauty and simplicity with no unnatural noise pollution or distraction.

Talk to nature and release all your pent up concerns and worries. Nature will never turn you away but will always listen to you for eternity.


Gratitude is a spiritual practice. Developing the inner person is a on going spiritual practice. 

Singing or listening to soft or calming music is a spiritual practice. Writing or reading poetry is a form of spiritual practice.

Spirituality is being present in the moment embracing life rainbow of emotions. You don’t have do anything being aligned with your authentic self. The true self will connect with the universe effortlessly inducing calm and peace.


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