Being Mum & Dad Video

On August 6th 2017 My Dear wife died at the young age of 45 years old leaving me with 4 children under 17 to look after. I have learned many resilience strategies as a father and taking on the role of being their mother. About quarter of all UK families have the challenge of raising children as a single parent. The short video is focusing on Single parents to be super Hero’s as a new identity to embrace the challenge. The irony in my person histories is my late wife Instagram name was Katesuperwoman and she defiantly was a superhero fighting cancer and looking after the children during her disease. I am eternally grateful for her superhero attitude and determination with bravery who never moaned about her plight despite the tremendous agony she suffered. I have mentioned her in my Law of Attraction book for more information iff interested. One day I will write a book for single parents because often they are thrown into the deep end wondering where and how to start.


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