Enter The Darkness to Find Light

Enter The Darkness Find Light

What you see is not the picture of the world

What you hear is not the sound of truth

What you taste is not the delight of kings and queens

What you smell is not the sweet fragrance of life

What you touch is not the spirit of essence

Enter the darkness and forget the past

Shut the door of tomorrow pleas

Welcome this second before the clocks stop

The only truth you know is not true

The lies and deceptions of the mind cause you sorrow

Enter the darkness to find the light

The world of yesterday is just a dream

The fantasy of tomorrow is another story

The book of life has new stories to be told

The sacred texts reveal only the beginning of the end

Knowledge of you is the profound truth

The secret of light comes from within

Open your eyes to see the truth of life

Listen to the wisdom and silence of nature

Taste the sweet taste of vitality

Smell the fragrance of beauty you have

Touch the desire of the present truth

Enter the darkness to find the light within

You are perfect and have no sin

The love and comfort wraps around your soul

Wake up to reality of passion and love

Because the light of truth is you


Inspired to write this after a meditation. The practice quiets the mind to unravel the web of confusion in daily life. The mind or ego works effortlessly to complicate life that can lead to added stress. The beauty of regular meditation grounds the present reality. We like to think or the ego believes it is in total control but that is an illusion. Life is wonderful gift with experiences that shapes our perceptions but isn’t the complete picture of reality. Thanks goes to the continuation of life not just in ourselves but to the whole cosmos.


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I am creative and curious about life. I have a passion for the brain and the psychology of human behaviour. I love the renaissance art, culture and architecture. Music is my best friend follows me on my life journey of discovery.

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