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Being Mum & Dad Video

On August 6th 2017 My Dear wife died at the young age of 45 years old leaving me with 4 children under 17 to look after. I have learned many resilience strategies as a father and taking on the role of being their mother. About quarter of all UK families have the challenge of raising …

Shadow Psychology

We all want to present the best versions of ourselves to the world but because of many different reasons we are not alway preseting the true self. Shadow work instigated by Carl Jung highlights we can all change from within.

Dreams can come true

Dreams are possibilities that lead to probabilities then to opportunities to create realities. The mind can either be fixed or open to possibilities the choice is there.

The portrait

I am resurrecting some of my old work from 30 years ago that I haven’t published. This is just first two chapters of a short story, I hope you will all enjoy. As a writer i see and hear all the characters in my imagination like a film producer hopefully the reader can have a …

The Story of Black and White (Consciousness)

Impossible to define consciousness and how it stared etc.Also Impossible to define other realties so I have created a video in simplistic terms taking ingredients from different cultures to explain existence ( Consciousness ). To explain the infinite from a limited finite perspective(as human) has many limitations. Like any Sufi story or parable there is …