The Pineapple and the Sweet Taste of Knowledge الأناناس وطعم المعرفة الحلو

This Post is done in the traditional Sufi Style like Rumi stories or parables. I have done much research on the topic and discovered that mystics and many religious teachings have spread their web across Europe from Arabic tradition hence the Arabic translation below (google translate probably inaccurate). The idea came from the word pine apple and there are many symbolic references throughout different cultures. The point of the story is not just words you read on the page but there are deeper meanings from any readers perspective. I am not of any religious institution but curious how perception in the past has influenced religious and state thinking far deeper than we appreciate. Its can be philosophical or light hearted it is the interpretation of the reader.

There was a poor woman who had very little money. 

The woman lived in a city where many said to her “you have to work harder”.

The work she did used all her energy and was tired every day.

One evening an old man gave her a gift.

She asked the old man “what is it?”

The man said to her “truth of the matter is in the eating”.

She looked at him and thought he was mad.

The next 3 days she looked at this strange gift.

She asked her neighbour to examine it.

Her neighbour was an intelligent man with much knowledge. 

He said, “it looks like a porcupine maybe it’s dead”.

“An old man said you can eat it “replied the woman.

The neighbour said, “don’t be foolish, it is too dangerous and difficult to eat”.

The dead porcupine didn’t move but the woman was afraid to touch it.

One day the women asked her boss to look at her dead porcupine.

Her boss laughed at her when she described her gift. 

He said” I am too busy eating and drinking the good things in life examine your gift”.

The next day her boss died, so the woman lost her job.

She said, “how am I going to eat with no money, food or job”.

On her way home she prayed for help to solve her problem.

Just outside her house was a very young monkey who was hungry. 

She felt sorry for the young monkey and gave the monkey the dead porcupine. 

She said, “this is all I have my friend, maybe you can play with it”.

The lady went inside and cried because she couldn’t find a job.

She had no energy to beg for food.

The young monkey opened the gift that the old man gave her.

Inside the gift the monkey was eating the delicious fruit and laughed.

The poor women stopped crying because she heard the monkey laughing. 

She went outside and the monkey gave her a piece of the dead porcupine. 

She was hungry and couldn’t wait anymore and took a bite.

“Thank you divine one for sending the monkey to show me the way to a sweet taste”. 

“I am thankful for the gift from the old man,” said the women.

The next day the woman woke up listening for the sound of the monkey.

She went outside and the monkey and fruit were gone.

The monkey left the head of the porcupine behind.

The poor lady decided to offer it to the gods in her garden.

She prayed and thanked the beloved for his mercy and kindness.

The poor lady on the next day went in search for a job.

She looked all day to find work, but no one gave her a job.

On the way home she decided to look for the old man.

She wanted to thank the old man for her the gift. 

She prayed to the divine from her heart for wisdom to find the old man.

She passed a shop, and a man was sitting next to the door of the shop.

He said to her “I have lost everything, all my money and my family they have left me.

“All I have left is all these dead porcupines in my shop and no one wants buy them”.

The poor woman said, “I have the sweet taste of knowledge and you will be rich again and you will have love again.”

The man said, “you are crazy women, the only knowledge I want is to sell these dead porcupines”.

The woman said “the fruit you desire is hidden, but the knowledge I have will open your eyes because many have laughed, many have rejected, and many have ignored. 

The sweet taste of knowledge is before your very eyes because a monkey will show you that the truth is within.


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