Theory of Reality

By steve Hyne

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination”. John Lennon

What we see is different from other people because of many different reasons. Identical twins in case studies show clearly that they are individuals in thier own right with own views, they have their own perception. The brain is another factor on how we see the world around us. Everyone histories includes environment that shapes a person reality from ideologies and concepts imprinted on the child. The debate of nurture or nature is not definite because there is always another anomaly that science throws into the mix.

The theory of reality I believe is the foundation of a person existence and drives from biological to psychological and spiritual perspective. The film shallow Hal aptly describes how society perspective of a person external appearance defines a person is ridiculous, hence a satirical comedy to help the viewer change thier perspective to a wider view (pun intended).

For a while I have difficulty in defining consciousness for myself from scientific, Spiritual, philosophical perspective. This post is my hypothesis of theory of reality from my perspective. I know there are many similar viewpoints and I am not knowingly fabricating someone else idea. The concept I had is working progress a bit like Freudian concepts sound great but to have no concrete science at present and is difficult to prove either way.

I had problem sleeping last night my mind was working overtime. I had no conscious thought or predictive subliminal exercise before I went to sleep to keep me awake . But I will say one major influence is a book I read before I go to sleep at present is called the inflamed mind , irony you could say it inflamed my mind last night reading it. The author was reviewing Freud in part his perspective of the mind and how history is still catching up in many domains. The lightbulb moment or solidifying pertinacity idea I had :thoughts were a biological process and the mechanism is triggered by synaptic Neurones that leads to behaviour. I knew this already with many references I have read as I have passion for neuroscience. So you could say Freud was one of the founding fore fathers of the neuroscience as we know it today.

The problem I have grappled with in the past is when does consciousness enter the soul or the person. Does it happen at conception, 9 weeks and so forth. It has been a religious and ethical debate for centuries. At the other end of the spectrum when does or how does the consciousness change or dissipate to where ever at death. I know this is a hot topic for many and again, years I would of been a heretic to question the state or religious powers in question.

The famous Einstein equation E=mc2 in simple terms is the bench press for all science as we know it. Energy never dies it is converted to mass or it’s created because it comes from stored energy. The definition says interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing. The problem scientists have is defining and classifying everything in detail.

My theory of reality is that energy is consciousness, just change the Einstein equation to :
E(Consciousness)=mc2. I had this idea during my lucid dreaming, thinking , whatever you can call it. The concept that DNA are the blueprints of life and consciousness evolves into what the instructions tell consciousness to become from DNA. Intelligent energy you could say ,in a simple illustration every house in UK has electric appliances and the energy or electrical energy makes the stereo or television alive. Added to that illustration everything in that house is connected by a ring main despite each application being independent. I believe that the whole universe and many other philosophers and scientists say everything is connected. This is another reason why I believe in the Law of attraction principles.

In summary of this short hypothesis of my perception on reality we are alive by a consciousness that was there before our bodies existed and the same energy will continue when our bodies die because of entropy. Added to this fascinating debate , I had with my 16 year daughter today. We live in an infinite universe so the chances that there are many versions of our realty in many other universes. How we define our reality is our own personal gift and in Sufism there is no truth apart from your own personal truth and everything is the truth , that is another deep question to reflect on for the intellectuals. Confucius said in Analects 1:1 “Is it not a joy to learn with constant effort and application” To learn about our self and reality is only realty we will know.

By Steve Hyne

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