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Timeless Chinese Proverbs

Confucius and Lao Tzu China are a layer of foundation of China influencing their culture from family to government . They have written timeless proverbs hundred of years before Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed.

Self Care Video

Self Care is an important Psychological , emotional , physical and mental part of life. The ingredients of success is wrapped up in the essential parts of the self that can be easily be neglected. No one gets it perfectly attuned but persistent alignments with improve results in all areas of life.

Compassion For Psychopath 01

I am really enjoying writing my first full novel and here is a preview of first two chapters I have done in video format. The Science fascinates me on how people tick. The book is a stereo typical portrait of a Psychopath with a twist there is but still no resolution on how they become …

Motion of emotion

All emotions are energy that flow through the body and mental pathways. Inertia forming a repeating pattern causes damaged. The motion of human feelings  residing as a host will impact the brain and body eventually causing disease mentally and physically.

Law Of A attraction Life Patterns Book available now

I have written this book in a way that is accessible to the average reader who has a basic education. My analytical mind indulges in Philosophy, Science, History and much more like a ravenous monster. I enjoy exploring the different angles of perception through Psychological narratives of individuals. The story tellers who have fed my …