Train the Ego

Snippet from my forth coming book draft version.

The Law of Attraction life Patterns, The Templates of Your life

Extract from chapter 4 The Ego Life Patterns

Train the Ego

“Whenever I climb, I am followed by a dog called ‘Ego’ “Friedrich Nietzsche

My personal experience the Ego for most of my life, well over 45 years was the top dog. I learnt as a child through trauma to turn off my sensitivities and emotionally responses to the suppression mode. This gave my Ego free run of my body and mind with little restraint from my heart to guide it. The unruly dog (Ego) was always pulling on the lead wanting to go here and there with no consideration of its owner. Reflecting back, I was so driven to extreme lifestyle with this dog dragging me on ridiculous regimes. When my wife was dying of cancer, I was so busy with my Ego pulling me here and there, I had no time for myself to refuel. The 18 months went in a flash and bang she died leaving me with 4 young children. After her death my Ego the dog went quiet, it became sick, and my heart opened with a tsunami of emotions. The point of this story is to show how the Ego goes into autopilot and people don’t change usually untill they are forced to like trauma.

Meditation the Master of the Ego

My salvation came with the practice of meditation that saved me from the oblivion of darkness. Meditation provided the training for my dog the Ego to be quiet. Sometimes when my mind wonders during meditation I imagine my Ego as an annoying dog barking telling me information. In my mind I pick up the dog and lock it up in a cage and tell it to shut up.  When the mind is quiet it allows the stresses of life to flow and the heart to embrace the soul. Some call this the bliss moment because then you are not being controlled by the Ego, you are totally present like a newborn baby. Regular meditation will give the Ego its time in the cage so the mind can have peace. 



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