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Law of Attraction

Life Patterns The Templates of Your Life Coming soon a new book with the science, and how to live in align with the Law of Attraction Principles book overview teaser.

Train the Ego

Snippet from my forth coming book draft version. The Law of Attraction life Patterns, The Templates of Your life Extract from chapter 4 The Ego Life Patterns Train the Ego “Whenever I climb, I am followed by a dog called ‘Ego’ “Friedrich Nietzsche My personal experience the Ego for most of my life, well over 45 years …

What Do You WANT?

This Post is an excellent idea from one of my favourite Personal Growth guru, Jim Rohn who died in 2009. A lot of his speeches are on YouTube and he has many books including excellent audio book “ The day That Turned Your Life around”. He taught Tony Robins from a very young age and …

Ajna meditation

Ajna meditation is the sixth energy centre of all the seven chakra. When chakra is aligned synchronises the right and left hemispheres of our brain.The ajna chakra is associated with light,wisdom, Insight and faith in higher energy.

Walking Therapy

If you want to clear your mind and lungs of challenges why not take a walk across the beautiful Dartmoor countryside with quality compassionate listening. Below is a Short video of Devon National Park to help you to recenter yourself. Enqiure for to make an appointment