Soul Workshop insights

by Steve Hyne

My above creative work was inspired partly by workshop I was a part of. The workshop was designed for therapist to help their clients connect to their inner self or soul. The workshop had different therapist with many tears of experience and I was grateful to be a part of it. I hope some of the gems I share can help you on your journey or help others connect to their real self or soul.

There is a worldwide debate of what soul is and do we even have one. Im sure you agree its personal belief system that adds meaning to what of the soul is for them. In the english language the word soul is used often as a metaphor. For example” Soulless ,old soul, soulful, happy soul , soul food etc. On our course was there was a Greek woman and said the literal translation for english word mental health is Soul health. Many of early therapist were called alienist ( great series on Netflix alienist if interested but dark in places not for faint hearted ).

In one of the therapy’s I use is called the connections model where Soul is part of the model. Ive have seen many who been driven by their Ego or mind and disconnected to who they really are the soul. The course instructor said that the mind wants to be all knowing with structure, I call this egocentric ( Egocentric definition: Thinking only of oneself, without regard for the feelings or desires of others) added to the definition I would say the ego will not listen to their own feelings at times.

The course explained the soul will show symptoms or sparks of difficulties in the person life. For example you have a symptom or difficulty what is the soul actually saying beneath it. Is the activity or relationship etc Soul destroying? Often people say they have a gut feeling or intuition or a feeling about something but exactly know what it is , just a knowing.

The soul communicates to us “ How can I fill my life with more peace” it is our ally not our enemy.

Great quote “Does my Soul Sing or Sink?” attached to this has a feeling as a guide. The instructor said the core of the soul is unconditional love and wisdom for life. People often ignore the soul through life and don’t trust it or disconnect from this valuable part of self. The Ego or mind wants focus on facts and figures whereas the soul focus is on the heart.

Soul is often disconnected through trauma , another quote” Dark night of the Soul journey“.

Psychology is ultimately mythology, the study of the stories of the Soul“.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek

Fear and superstition stops individuals exploring this side of themselves that often is the secret to unlocking a lot of mental health and other problems.

This was just a snapshot to inspire you on your quest to connect with the real you. Finnish with a personal experience of my life to help you understand this concept easily. Earlier this week I had an interview but in the morning during my quiet time with meditation I had internal conflict. My soul said you want get through the process today but my Ego said don’t be stupid you are being negative get rid of that idea but my soul kept arguing with my ego. I went to interview and it was a long process, meeting lots of wonderful people, During the process I felt uncomfortable at times, it was my soul speaking to me saying this isn’t for you. I ignored it always being the eternal optimist. I believe I did a fantastic job , and had much to offer the company. Eventually I was told not I was not needed and of course I was upset at least my Ego was. I reflected on the whole experience with a trusted therapist and learnt much about myself. The next day I had time alone and my Soul said go with your heart not your mind next time. In conclusion I could have succeeded on the interview but deep down may soul knew I wouldn’t be happy there.

by Steve Hyne



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