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I read extensively for many reasons , I enjoy reading because its great company and stimulates my hungry brain. The other main reason, I have a insatiable appetite for improving my life and humanity. I believe every student of life must read “Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill” for many good reasons. The book has many excellent chapters about how to improve working life and philosophical notions. There is very interesting chapter on sex and love for all those in relationships. The book was written in 1937 just after the great depression and I feel it is very timely for the world facing similar challenges now economically. In essence its is a book for every Law and Attraction fan. I read the book about couple of years ago before I investigated Law and Attraction Theory . If you are into that subject another great book similar to the concept of Law and attraction is called “The science of getting Rich by Wallace Wattles” this book was published in 1910.

I have just listened to the book “Think and Grow rich” on audible again and the insights are very motivating for the entrepreneurs , business owners , secular employee and any one who wants change their career. I decided to read or listen to it every January because it will remind me of the miracles in life that happen by applying the principles contained in the book. I would say it is the bible for every person who wants to be successful in a economic perspective. Buying the book will save you investing in a life coach and its good reference if you become stuck in your work life.

We all need money to enjoy life


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