Happy New Year: Here We Come 2021

Time brings all things to pass.“ Aeschylus

“Slip inside the eye of your mind
Don’t you know you might find
A better place to play
You said that you’d never been
But all the things that you’ve seen
Slowly fade away”. Oasis song Don’t Look Back in Anger

This has definitely been a challenging year for the whole human race and I send out my love to all those who have endured many losses. The new beginnings of 2021 will be a time for uncertainty for many and the struggles may cause further pain.

Aeschylus was one of Greek founding fore fathers of acting and was a play write who lived about 2500 years ago. I would say his quote is apt for 2020 because life never stands still , it keeps changing and evolving. The challenges humanity are facing will pass. The passing of time doesn’t reverse the past but the reflection of what we hold onto in our mind has an effect for the future .

Looking forward I hope that everyone has a better place to play and all the sorrow you’ve have seen will fade away. Below are few visual pictorials help focus positively on 2021 with a clear mindset.


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About Stephen Hyne

I am creative and curious about life. I have a passion for the brain and the psychology of human behaviour. I love the renaissance art, culture and architecture. Music is my best friend follows me on my life journey of discovery.

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  1. Reading this was just lovely 🙂

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