Self Love leads to compassion

” Self Love is the action of Compassion to your greatest treasure YOU” Steve Hyne

I have the wonderful privilege of learning and listening from others. Another way I learn this beautiful quality is listening to my inner soul by regular meditation. The world is full of suggestions from how to and how not to, very often it is from genuine people though. The overload of information can dissolve the simplest ideas and routines from the foundation of our existence.

Tutankhamen was the most important person in Egypt at one period in history who ruled as king from 1361–1352 B.C.E. He died at the age of 18 years old. One resource said the following about discovering him and his tomb.

”The tomb room contained more than five thousand objects, many of which were covered with gold and beautifully carved. The most famous of these objects is probably the lifelike gold mask that covered the face of Tutankhamen’s mummy. Carter also uncovered military items, clothing, jewelry, and many statues of Tutankhamen and Egyptian gods. In fact, there were so many items in the tomb that many are still being examined today and have yet to be displayed in museums—nearly eighty years after their discovery”.

The greatest discovery or gift you will ever have is “You” in essence your life as a human now. Understanding that we have the gift of life at this present time can have a massive effect on our wellbeing. For example nothing , no one , no title, no amount of material gain or other perceived gain is greater than your life.

For centuries the ideology of humans existence has been shaped by religious, political and culture. Many promising love and happiness if you do this or don’t do that, the reality of many institutions and individuals is promoted by ignorance and fear. During the dark ages the fear of God and Hell was a powerful cause of existence. Rather than pursuing the love of something coming from a intrinsic feeling the promise of immediate gratification is fleeting leaving emptiness of the soul. The belief of ignorance was another cause of existence for many. Struggling working effortlessly just to survive and not being replenished of motivations and energy to enjoy life or love life. These are just few ideas of how the blind have led the blind in history and even in today societies.

Meditating regularly is a great start so the ego mind is not stealing your love and happiness from YOU. Does your mind or thoughts have these judgments “You should” You can’t”You will damage ….” You will lose…” I don’t have enough” I wish…” Nobody….” The list can be endless in the mind so meditation will put the ego in its place so you can enjoy the love and life you have.

Regularly reflecting on your true self with no judgments or evaluation will fill you heart and soul with love and gratitude. Fill your mind and soul with love and compassion with these thoughts ” I love you (talk to your soul, body, emotions etc) “Thank you for….” “Well done…” “I will always love YOU regardless..” By practicing the way you speak to yourself will have a dramatic impact either way.

Realising we are the greatest treasure we are will motivate our love for self by the choices we make. For example if you have had a hard day either emotionally, physically or mentally be compassionate to yourself.For example the chores or less important responsibilities can wait another day. I remember a famous song said” A flat that is always empty stays clean” so the point is to love yourself before the flat. It sounds so simple but you are special and irreplaceable and you are unique so own your self love and compassion before anything else.

I am a visual thinker and when I was preparing this post I thought of the innocence of a childs world. Their thinking and perspectives are so simple and clear. When they need compassion they go and see mummy or daddy to have their needs met. They embrace their parents unconditionally feeling secure and happy again. When you practice self love which is compassion, you will feel like that child. When that child grows up they will show compassion to the world because of their inner world needs of self love have been met. Remember the Beatles song “ All you need is love”

Question to ask your personal self “Does this activity or thought show that I love myself”. When we practice compassion which is loving ourselves authentically we can then love others unconditionally and this is best gift we could ever give….


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