TB or not to BE

We will have disappointments in life

The New Adventures of the Musketeers. Excerpt from volume one book coming soon draft..

All the Musketeers were outside the theatre as many citizen were arriving. Guest with their new outfits on display from distinguished gentleman to the young aspiring maidens looking for marriage. Porthos had a new outfit hoping to outshine the aristocracy and pageantry of the occasion. He wore a melancholia outfit as it was the passion of the poets and artist in Paris depicting their disdain for the two society’s , the opulent and the ascetic. Porthos had a flamboyant Plumed hat with array of red feathers bouncing on his head as he turned his head here and there. D`Artagnan said “ You look rather splendid Porthos with that lavish hat. You will definitely have the attention of Molière”.

Porthos answered in a flustered voice” I have heard the performance has been cancelled because the Cardinal was not happy with religious references saying it was sacrilege”.

Aramis responded in an angry outburst” The Pompous fool is a hypocritical nonchalant advocate of his rules not Gods”.

Athos felt the tension rising between his friends and noticed others near by were becoming agitated. “ My dear friends this is a surprise for us all to be aware of this sudden news. I recognise the sadness and frustration you are feeling now. What can we do to change the situation my dear friends? What do you want me to do?”

A voice near by shouted out “ Let us kill the instigators and have our revenge on the government and the perpetrators who stole our rights of freedom”. Athos was skilled with the sword but knew violence doesn’t change the situation permanently but prolongs the strife of tyranny. Athos then said in an emphatically loving and compassionate voice” My fellow countrymen , ladies and lords we were all looking forward to seeing  Molière and with much sadness he can’t perform today. But with my deepest consolation I could arrange a performance from a travelling company instead for tomorrow evening”.

The whole crowd mood changed from disappointment to anticipation and someone from the crowd shouted out “ We love Athos”. The crowd roared with laughter and they all felt the energy like a vibration flutter around their heart as the stress lifted from their shoulders dissipated through their necks into the face lifting the lips to a new emotion of joy. Immediately after the release of sadness the joy of the turned the atmosphere into dancing and clapping with singing.

The next evening the crowds gathered at the Hôtel de Bourgogne in anticipation of the evening entertainment.

D`Artagnan said ”Athos please tell me what  will the show be about tonight? He said this with so much intensity his voice was raised to unbearable pitch of a young child. The musketeers said to each other he is like a child who has never seen a show before.

Athos then said in a fatherly tone ” To be or not to be” he said this in English then translated it to French and said “ it means to live or to die. I am not sure exactly what it is about but I sure everyone will enjoy the performance”.

Notes from Author: In the 17th century France the tides of change where on the horizon as the populace seeking freedom from poverty and many other anxieties. The last chapter of my book will focus on the deadly disease of Tuberculosis on how it effected not just France but the whole of Europe and beyond. king Louis XIII of France died at the young age of 41 years and like many pandemics it has no mercy on who you are. As we reflect in history we can gain many lessons from the similar challenges we face today. In conclusion the best solution to all our challenges lies within our enemies for life from mind, body, Soul and the emotions.

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. Hippocrates



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