The Dark Shadow and a New Light

except from new book The new adventures of the Musketeers Draft

The next day Aramis with a new infusion of romance and a trouble conscience decided to head straight back to Paris in pursuit of two dreams. One of them was to declare his intentions to Madame de Rambouillet and the other dream to empower the Black African slave civil rights. He had seen the ships that carried these slaves during his visit in Nantes. He knew deep down within his soul that this suffering was inhuman and no longer ignore his troubled soul. Aramis was connected to his emotions and he could no longer ignore them. They were telling his body you have to do something Aramis and his mind wouldn’t stop signalling injustice. The eyes were full of tears and his body was alive with anger energising through his veins. He knew through his studies in training to be a priest came flooding back to during his visit to Nantes. His memory was reflecting back on learning Latin so he could read the bible passages. He knew the church didn’t agree with the injustices by them issuing different Papal Bulls and edicts. He was a musketeer now and musketeers are men of action he thought. It’s not just being an innocent bystander pacifying the populace with their  credulous statements. He was on a mission and in his heart, he had a new mantra for freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

Aramis arrived at Madame de Rambouillet home in Paris with two passions in his heart. The excitement of Aramis face was aglow of love and compassion. His heart was fluttering as the servant showed him to Chambre bleu (the Blue Room). As he entered the room the servant said” A gentleman is here to see you Madame Rambouillet, I do believe he is a musketeer my lady” 

“Fetch my companion a drink please” said Madame in an elegant sophisticated voice but with warmth in her tones” Aramis was nervous and wanted to impress her so he replied in Italian” grazie mia principessa ho molto da dirti”(thank you my princess I have much to tell you). 

Ciel Melodie Rambouillet smiled and said ”non devi parlare italiano” (you don’t have to speak Italian).  “ Please come over here Aramis and sit next to me and tell me of your latest adventure” said Ciel with a sincere glee sparkled from her brown eyes.  Aramis walked over to his princess and sat next to her and his whole body started to relax. The servant came into the room and gave Aramis a fresh cup of Italian coffee. 

“The coffee came from Venice” Madame de Rambouillet said in a seductive manner. Her rich relatives in Venice traded this commodity to the elite. Aramis was thankful for the privilege of this earthly treasure upon his lips as he tasted the coffee. Madame de Rambouillet went to say to her good friend “ Pope Clement VIII was going to ban this drink but tasting the coffee, he declared: “Why, this Satan’s drink is so delicious that it would be a pity to let the infidels have exclusive use of it”. Aramis laughed so much that he nearly fell off his chair and spilt some of his drink.” I am sorry for spilling coffee on your chair Ciel Melodie”

She replied back “I can have the chair mended but France cannot lose a Musketeer. What are you so excited about Aramis, as soon as you came into the room, I could feel your energy and presence? Your eyes were wide open , you had aglow about your aura.”

“ I have heavy heart and a heart full of passion that wants to embrace the mind and soul of a princess.” Ciel Melodie responded in a curious voice but her eyes knew the answer” Who is that Aramis , is it Marie de Médicis?” Madame de Rambouillet laughed because she knew the once Queen of France was even too much for Aramis to handle. 

There was a knock at door and the encounter between the musketeer and his Princess was halted as they came back to the world of Chambre bleu Madame de Rambouillet home.“It is Charles de L’Aubespine come to see you Madame de Rambouillet”. Charles de L’Aubespine was the Justice minister who wanted justice for France not just in words but in action. 

Notes from the author: In my exploration of fascinating French history I am amazed how the culture in 17th century has significantly changed with prejudices from institutions that have evolved. Slowly the story unfolds in history and todays society has evolved with so many enlightenments of humanity that we often take for granted.


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