Age of Enlightenment with a Dark Shadow in 17th Century

Extract(draft) from my forth coming book The New Adventures of the Musketeers. Researching for the book France during this period the tides of fortune started to change. Women had a huge impact on education and the landscape changed just before French Revolution. On a dark side Slavery was rampant with France monopolising the slave trade. In my book I have tried to visualise the narrative with real people who had impact on the culture. This is fictional narrative copying the author of the musketeers Demas style. Enjoy the story…

Aramis was excited to see his friend Pierre de Ronsard but was sad to hear that René of Chambes the lord of the castle had to flee.” Hello my dear friend Pierre, what a pleasure to be here at this beautiful Chateau and of course to see you”.

Pierre said “ Oh my good fellow please come in and we can spend much time together. The King is staying here with Jean de Chambes and they are out hunting with the royal party”. They both walked to the Grand library in the Chateau  where all the four walls were covered with literature. Aramis loved literature and was an intellectual at heart but it never made him proud. The common French worker if he was lucky could read some French but the bible , legal papers and other important documents where in Latin.

”I love The Book of the City of Ladies” said Aramis as he noticed it on the shelf.

“Yes it is a beautiful piece of literature by Christine de Pizan” 

Pierre continues ”She reminds me of Madame de Rambouillet who I do admire, she established the French Academy in Paris”

Aramis replied in a romantic tone” to be loved by a women not just with her heart but with the whole esscence of antiquity will save my soul from life futile woes”. Pierre felt Aramis soul touch his soul with his sincerity and bashfulness as he echoed those words. 

“I have been working on a project and I am sure you will have affinity for it” said Pierre. “Please read some to me my dear friend and melt the bridges of my heart so the spirit of ambivalent words wraps around my heart and mind” said Aramis in modicum voice.

Pierre said to his companion “this is sonnet three”

“Entre les rais de sa jumelle flamme

Je vis Amour, qui son arc desbandoit,

Et sus mon cueur le brandon éspandoit,

Qui des plus froids les moëlles enflamme.

Puis çà puis là pres les yeulx de ma dame

Entre cent fleurs un retz d’or me tendoit,

Qui tout crespu blondement descendoit

A flotz ondez pour enlasser mon ame.

Qu’eussay-je faict l’Archer estoit si doulx,

Si doulx son feu, si doulx l’or de ses noudz,

Qu’en leurs filetz encore je m’oublie:

Mais cest oubli ne me tourmente point,

Tant doulcement le doulx Archer me poingt,

Le feu me brusle, et l’or crespe me lie.”

Among the rays of her twin flashing eyes

I see Love, who has set aside his bow

And over my heart waved a fire brand

Which would warm the marrow of the coldest.

On one side then the other, near my lady’s eyes,

Among many flowers he spreads for me a net of gold

Which descends blond and curling

In flowing waves to bind my soul.

What could I have done, the Archer was so gentle

So gentle his fire, so gentle the gold of his knots,

That, though still in their net, I forget myself.

But this forgetfulness doesn’t trouble me at all,

So gently does the gentle Archer strike me,

The fire burn me and the curling gold bind me.

Author comments

It helps me to appreciate how each individual can contribute to shape society for centuries into the future. Regardless of gender , age or race by our contributions we can be part of a fabric of society.


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